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How the West is turning against itself – from the top down


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ACROSS the Western World, organisations increasingly seem to be turning against their own constituents.

With the fall of Kabul on August 15th 2021, US citizens realised, perhaps for the first time, in the clearest terms that they no longer really mattered. Since mid-August, in the biggest airlift since the 1948 Berlin miracle, Americans saw their leaders give priorities mainly to unvetted Afghans.

Over one hundred thousand people have been flown to the United States, housed and fed at tax-payers expense.

A mere five percent of those rescued were US citizens.

All the while, some estimates say that up to ten thousand Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan.

Most have been left to fend for themselves. They no longer matter.

Privately funded rescue missions by retired special services veterans took place before the withdrawal deadline and may yet continue after it.

In the United Kingdom, our very own government seems to have had similar priorities.

Priti Patel lost no time in pledging to rescue twenty thousand broadly defined Afghans to the UK.

That is more than twice the number of UK troops deployed at the peak of our engagement there nearly a decade ago.

Who are the people Priti is inviting to our shores? And will we benefit from them? These are fundamental questions that deserve proper answers.

PEW, the august American research organisation, found that a near unanimity (99%) of Afghans favoured the implementation of Sharia.

Further, over three quarters thought the death penalty should apply to apostates. That survey was concluded before the Taliban’s successful conquest of Afghanistan.

In the most visible way possible, judging by their actions rather than their words, Western World leaders no longer care about their own people.

Daily their behaviour demonstrates in no uncertain terms that they no longer recognise borders, citizenships and nationalities. To make matters much worse, they also no longer recognise biology.

In an interesting turn, they affirm that meteorology, one of the most complex areas of scientific endeavour known to man, is “settled” whilst simultaneously asserting that sex, hitherto the most settled field of biology, is “fluid” and, therefore unsettled.

Whether they believe it or not, they are acting on it. The result is officialised insanity.

Indeed, the first act of the 117th congress in January 2021 was to ban gendered terms such as “he, she, mother, father” and much more from being used in congressional documents.

In addition, the budget published in June by the White House uses the word “birthing people” instead of “mothers”.

It used to be said that the rest of the world caught a cold when the US sneezed.

Currently, the US is terribly ill and has been for quite some time. The temperature of the patient has risen.

The madness has spread and is now general. Few western countries are immune.

As leader of the Western World though, the US has picked the ball of self-destruction and run with it.

So used are we to following our larger, younger, more fashionable cousin, that we are doing our best to keep up, running full tilt, lemming-like, towards the tallest Cliffs.

With most of their European colleagues by their side, our own leaders feel in seemingly good company.  The jog is fun; the air fresh; the drop somewhere in the distance.

The intellectual putrefaction is almost absolute.

There are very few institutions, corporations, universities, civil service bodies, museums, schools and trade bodies that are not blighted.

In the United Kingdom, we have seen organisations turn on their constituents as a matter of course.

The list is near endless.

From our Anglican Churches to the RSPCA and from our Parliament that finds it near impossible to police our borders to the International Olympic Committee that allows men to compete against women so long as they “identify” as women, few of our institutions are fit for their original purpose.

A couple of examples will suffice to illustrate.

The National Trust in the United Kingdom was a charity set up in 1895 for heritage conservation across the British Isles (the National Trust for Scotland was founded later in 1931.) National Trust members tend to be people who have a deep and loving interest in the history of our country.

The membership then was taken aback to find that the Trust stood three square behind Black Lives Matter, a self-described revolutionary organisation that openly despises everything about the Trust’s foundational aim – to love, cherish and nurture our history. The membership was then smeared when the Trust released a one-sided report linking properties to colonialism and slavery.

Further, a few days ago, as reported by The Times, the board of directors at the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco, an international non-profit organisation, voted to ban its members from attending their own annual conference.

The reason for the purge given by Megan Piper, the President of the Society, could have been taken from any Non-for-Profit press release.

The exclusion of their own members demonstrated “our commitment to ensuring that conference is a safe space for members to freely share their science and ideas” she said, adding that the tobacco industry’s action ran counter to “the public good and social justice”.

She noted that the industry targeted “black and brown communities, indigenous groups, LGBTQ+ individuals and low income communities” around the world.

In short, she banned scientists from a conference from which they are members because they don’t fit in her world view. The fact that new products such as vaping have helped close to a million people to stop smoking is irrelevant, she and much of the academics who make up the board just don’t like the industry.

The fall of Kabul has only highlighted the potential irreversibility of our leadership’s intellectual vacuity; the evidence of hollowness abounds.

Every single official body we can think of use the same dreary “Wokish” languages.

In the final analysis, they don’t believe a word of the absurdities they preach; but preach it they do regardless.

It is about power and the demonstration thereof.

After all, if you bend your knee to their inconsistent, neurotic and content-free ideology, they imagine, what else won’t you do?

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Alex Story is a senior manager at a City brokerage, where he works closely with hedge funds and other financial institutions. A rower, he represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games and won the Boat Race for Cambridge on two occasions. His team still holds the course record. @alexpstory

Photos of President Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House of Representatives.


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