Ewen Stewart

Ewen Stewart

Ewen Stewart is a City Economist whose career has spanned over 30 years. His consultancy Walbrook Economics specialises in the interaction of macroeconomics, politics and capital markets and advises major pension funds, asset managers and hedge funds. He is Director of the think tank Global Britain and his work is widely published in economics and political journals.  


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Today's Thinking

Budget reaction: style triumphs over substance

YESTERDAY’s budget was a presentational victory over substance.  The Chancellor scattered more sweeties around, £60bn of them to be precise – tax rises were less than

Think Business

Hell hath no fury like a partner scorned

THE RESPONSE of the Johnson Government to blatant EU bullying has been one of moderation in the extreme. Far from being an outrageous breach of international law it is a cool, reasoned response to unacceptable aggression.Some of the more timid Conservative MP’s, coupled with the usual outrage from the Europhile left, exercise themselves over an alleged minor […]

Think Business

Does the Treasury really want a death spiral?

WELL PLACED LEAKS suggest HM Treasury is indeed looking at the ‘traditional response’ to try and plug a £350bn plus covid-19 induced hole in public finances by raising taxes. According to reports the Treasury is considering a range of tax rises ranging from increasing corporation tax and capital gains tax and an online delivery tax […]

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