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May 25, 2024
Jill Stephenson

The power of education matters

MY VIEW of education is a very simple one. Education is empowering. Without education, or with an inadequate education, a child’s life chances are stunted.

Struan Stevenson

Iran’s web of intrigue and propaganda exposed

IN SEPTEMBER this year, the London-based TV station ‘Iran International’ and the news website ‘Semafor’, sent shockwaves through Europe and America when they revealed that

Struan Stevenson

The SNP/Green Government’s illusory sunlit uplands

DELIVERING their latest fantasy booklet “An Independent Scotland in the EU”, Cabinet Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson promised that following a ‘YES’ vote, the SNP/Green coalition

Gail MacDonald

Devolutionary psychology diagnosed

TWENTY-FIVE  years into devolution, and the outcomes for health, education and the economy don’t so much scream success as much as whimper to be put

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