Dean M Thomson

Dean M Thomson

Dean M Thomson graduated with a MSc in Development Studies from the University of Glasgow, going on to lecture 'Anglo-American Society and Culture' at Shangdong Agricultural University, Peoples Republic of China. Being fully TESOL qualified Dean has taught English for Academic Purposes and modules in critical thinking in Wuhan and Xian Ning, Hubei.


Today's Thinking

Ahh Bisto! All aboard the SNP’s Gravy Bus

POLITICS has always suffered from systems of patronage, where after winning elections a political party hands out jobs and rewards to supporters. It is well

Think Politics

Free school meals for rich kids?

Intellectual incoherence and upper class welfarism under the SNP EFFECTIVE government happens when the ruling political party has a clear concept of purpose. That is

Today's Thinking

The paradoxical faces of Scottish nationalism

THE SNP CAMPAIGNS for office by leveraging a political populism entirely at odds with its identity-politics. How long can this dissonance last? Professors Matthew Goodwin

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