Jill Stephenson

Jill Stephenson

Jill Stephenson is a former Professor of Modern German History at the University of Edinburgh. 


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Think Culture

Cruising with or without Covid

ONE OF THE EARLY news items about Covid in 2020 was the nightmare tale of passengers on a number of large cruise ships who were

Think Culture

Why I hate Edinburgh Airport

IT IS SAID that travel broadens the mind. Up to a point, perhaps. But in recent years my travels have tended to mean dealing with

Today's Thinking

Groundhog Day. Again. Obviously.

IT’S GROUNDHOG DAY. Again. The SNP wins an election and immediately demands a separatist referendum. The SNP has pretty much disowned the White Paper –

Think Politics

Nicola Sturgeon’s feet of clay

‘NICOLA STURGEON’S office trashes Alex Salmond inquiry after bombshell finding’, shouts the headline on Friday, 19 March 2021 from the Herald. There is something surreal about

Today's Thinking

The pension lie and other separatist myths

WOULD YOU Adam and Eve it? The SNP’s propaganda rag, The National, has published an article called ‘Fears for pensions in an independent Scotland quelled in Yesser’s

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