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November 30, 2022
Gail MacDonald

Storm in a Twittercup

COST-OF-LIVING increase, NHS meltdowns, lockdown deaths, war, education crisis, political mess, strikes, grit. Anyone?  No, me neither. Hollywood, Princes, Mansions, beautiful people, beautiful clothes, tours,

Gail MacDonald

Markle Vs Williams: love-all

THE GIFT that keeps on giving – Meghan Markle has released a podcast through Spotify.  It’s guff about ambition and double standards and balancing motherhood

Gail MacDonald

Working class heroes are a riveting sight

PORT GLASGOW had a sculpture placed in the last month within shouting distance of the SNP Government-owned Ferguson’s yard.  The same yard where two Caledonian

Struan Stevenson

Churchill’s Scottish connections

JUST OVER fifty-seven years ago, the state funeral of Winston Churchill took place in St Paul’s Cathedral, London. On 30th January 1965, the internment was

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