We’re not even waiting on the science, never mind following it

A COUPLE OF YEARS ago in 2019 I listened to a podcast series called Hysteria. You’ll be able to find it online if you’re interested in doing so. I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time. I had never lived through a mass hysteria event then and so my perspective on it was naïve and immature. I thought I was broadening my mind listening to this series. I thought I was educating myself.

I revisited the series in this year 2021 and found it by then to be unbearable, naïve and immature.

One of the episodes featured a section on ‘anti-vaxxers’.

In 2019 when I first listened to this episode I spoke to some of my conventional friends about it. Here are some snippets of the sort of things I was thinking and saying:

‘How ridiculous these anti-vaxxers are!’

‘How paranoid they are!’

‘Don’t they understand the wonder of science that we can be prevented from suffering from viruses?’

‘Isn’t it sad?’

‘Aren’t they dangerous to the rest of us?’

‘I’m cleverer than them.’

I am so ashamed now of the extent to which I had been propagandised.

Please, let me be clear: I am not commenting here on the safety or effectiveness of any vaccines, nor whether I think it’s smart or otherwise to get yourself or your children vaccinated. Of course, being vaccinated with a product that is safe in and of itself and effective at preventing an infection that can cause you long-term damage, is a very good thing. It’s a miracle. There is basically no-one on earth arguing otherwise, I promise you.

The reason I am ashamed now of my previous blanket pro-vaxxer position is that it was based on precisely zero investigation or research or data. I just assumed that my trust in those injecting me or my children was perfect. I arrogantly assumed that if someone I labelled as an ‘expert’ said it, it must be true and the smart thing was just to follow their recommendations.

I trusted my own judgment 100% and so I trusted those I judged to be ‘experts’ and I thought I was terribly clever placing my health in their hands. I was informed, I thought. I was smart, I thought.

Any people who disagreed were clearly less informed, or their minds had been hijacked by ‘conspiracy theorists’, I thought. It was all very sad.

That was 2019.

Then, in 2021, on the 25th day of November, I was banned from Twitter on the Inform Scotland account I was running. This was the second time I’d been banned from this platform. Ostensibly the suspension was for ‘ban evasion’, but I can’t help but feel that having been labelled an ‘anti-vaxxer’ by a prominent Scottish lawyer that day in a Twitter spat had something to do with it.

My first ban, earlier in the year (that I was accused of evading for the second ban), as Christine Padgham, was for tweeting ‘medical misinformation’. I had tweeted that I had Ivermectin in my bathroom cabinet. (Twitter suspended my account for 12 hours and then never let me back in.)

Quite how Twitter could so confidently label this as ‘misinformation’ remains unclear to me. It was a perfectly true statement. I did have Ivermectin in my bathroom cabinet, and the Inform Scotland Twitter account was up and running prior to Christine Padgham being banned so I have not evaded any Twitter ban.

Both ‘bans’ have therefore been completely unjustified.

But, as I’ve said, both were really about me being an ‘anti-vaxxer’ and therefore a danger to the public because of my words.

But, friends, I am no anti-vaxxer. I will always be of the view that safe and effective vaccines that will prevent the vaccinated suffering serious viral or bacterial illnesses, and their long-term consequences, are a great thing.

My words now in 2021 are dangerous only to those who wish people to believe in anything labelled ‘vaccine’ unquestioningly, as I used to. These believers in vaccines will, in time perhaps, with a bit of luck for the beneficiaries of this way of thinking, come to the point where they will believe vaccine manufacturers never make a mistake, never tell a lie, never commit fraud in their trials – and never label something as a ‘vaccine’ that is, in fact, for example, a gene therapy.

And that brings me to the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ and what we now know about them.

We know the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are in fact gene therapies[1], and only ‘vaccines’ under newly altered definitions (see defence of this in link below)[2]. One of the inventors of mRNA technologies (used by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson for their COVID-19 ‘vaccines’), Dr Robert Malone, has been agitating about the current misuse and misapplication of this technology for months[3]. He has been attacked and vilified since he spoke out. He has suffered personally a great deal. He keeps speaking – tirelessly and stoically.

Why would he do this? It is either because he is a good, honest and brave man trying to save lives or because he is getting some mysterious benefit out of destroying his reputation. My advice is: go with the most simple explanation. If your knee jerk reaction is to go to Snopes or Forbes to fact check him, try first listening to what he says.

We know Dr Peter McCullough, a world leading cardiologist with vast experience and a truly formidable scientific publications record, is deeply alarmed by what he is seeing happening to patients post-‘vaccine’[4](full five part testimony available at Conservative Woman). He has also had his reputation destroyed in some quarters. He has been threatened, bullied, slandered and yet he keeps going. Like Malone he is tireless. Like Malone, all he is doing is trying to save people.

There are many others; I could fill the page just with names worth looking up. All destroying their reputations. All tireless. All begging you to think twice before acquiescing to the increasingly desperate and manic pleas from governments around the world to enter yourself and your children into this medical experiment. The UK Government is now trying to write into law – or has it already succeeded with the Online Harms Bill? – that criticising anything labelled as a ‘vaccine’ will be harshly punished. Look that up too, if you like[5].

And it is an experiment, this COVID-19 ‘vaccine’. You need to understand that. This is why the ‘vaccines’ remain unapproved and unlicensed[6]. The animal trials weren’t done before human trials started and didn’t address safety at all[7]. The human trials don’t finish until 2023 (even Full Fact says so[8])[9]. Pregnant women were injected with this stuff before the products had even been with us for as long as a pregnancy. But they are ‘safe’, you understand. Because the Government says the pharmaceutical companies say so.

We know the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation did not advise ‘vaccinating’ children, saying the benefits were marginal and the risks unknown[10]. We know that deaths in children in the UK are elevated following ‘vaccine’ rollout[11]. (Full Fact says there is no evidence it was due to vaccines in its response to very valid concerns raised in Daily Sceptic[12].)

We know the Pfizer trials were fraudulent[13]. The BMJ has reported so. We know injured participants in the trials claim to have been removed from the results[14]. We know we have 1.3 million adverse reactions reported in the UK through the Yellow Card Scheme[15][16].

We know Scotland has had a year like no other for excess deaths in 2021[17]. We know that there was an exceptional month in September 2021 for neonatal deaths[18]. We know that heart attacks and strokes are happening at increased rates[19][20].

We know that deaths in each age group rise temporally with ‘vaccine’ roll out[21].

We know the ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent transmission  – in fact, the ‘vaccinated’ are likely a bigger transmission risk than the unvaccinated[22]. We know the ‘vaccines’ don’t prevent infection. We know they don’t prevent death or hospitalisation; at population level in Scotland the rate of hospitalisation and death has been the same post-‘vaccine’ rollout[23]. We know any benefit the ‘vaccines’ do confer is short-lived, which is why a third dose is already required. We know the most ‘vaccinated’ countries on earth are doing worse for COVID-19 rates and deaths[24].

We know that natural immunity is superior to ‘vaccine’ immunity[25] because in a natural infection the immune system is exposed to the whole virus and not only a small part of the virus as in the ‘vaccine’. And we know the previously naturally-infected suffer worse ‘vaccine’ side effects[26].

We know the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are in fact gene therapies that instruct our own human cells to manufacture a non-human pathogenic protein, the ‘Spike Protein’ from the engineered virus SARS-COV-2[27]. This is the part of the virus that causes the disease COVID-19[28]. We know that instructing human cells to make non-human proteins has never been tried before in medicine.

We don’t know when the instruction to cells to make Spike Protein turns off. But we know in some people it seems to be lasting a long time – Dr McCullough has suggested 15 months[29] and no-one has any idea how reasonable a suggestion this is.

The only counter-argument I have ever received in response to my pleas to loved ones and strangers alike to look at the truths listed above is: ‘You’re a conspiracy theorist’.

Ah. Another label.

If you are tempted to slap this label on me, having read this, please understand: You, dear reader, have concluded “conspiracy”, not me, and you may now form your own theories from your own interpretation.

We don’t need theories just now. We need to stop. We need to read. We need to listen.

Where is the Precautionary Principle? Why are the concerns raised widely not being taken seriously, given the mounting evidence of poor health and rising mortality in ‘vaccinated’ populations?

There are we know a few battles going on in the world today. One is between the ‘anti-vaxxers’ and the ‘pro-vaxxers’. It isn’t an even fight. But it is clear to me, now I have the ‘anti-vaxxer’ label (which I used to slap on others), which side has all the arguments and which all the insults. The question is: do we want to be the sort of society that is so threatened by words and unsure of its foundations, it is scared to look at the truth?


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