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Established in 2006


ThinkScotland was established as a virtual think tank in 2006 by Scottish entrepreneur Robert Kilgour to encourage greater discussion in Scotland about economic, social and constitutional policies – from the perspective of mainly Scottish Conservative authors.

The site relaunched in July 2012 seeking a far broader constituency as an independent not-for-profit debating forum with a cross-section of topical, political and cultural writing on a daily basis.

ThinkScotland’s editorial outlook has always been right of centre – with the aim of explaining and defending free markets and an open liberal society – but crucially without endorsing any one political party – or taking a corporate view.

Since that relaunch other generous donors have come forward to give their financial support, large and small. They need not agree with everything that’s published but they do recognise the need for a vital, dynamic debate in Scotland – as we’ll as a channel for lighthearted and humorous asides that make ThinkScotland a rounded and broad home for writing.


Without the help of our supporters ThinkScotland would come to a sudden halt – if you want to join their ranks please donate using one of the buttons placed at the end of articles throughout the site. Every donation of whatever currency helps.

Comments are encouraged via our Facebook page but may be moderated if considered offensive or threatening. Enjoy, be infuriated – but either way, respond.

Meet the Team

Unless described as an editorial view and expressed directly by the Editor ThinkScotland does not take a corporate position and no articles, including all those by contrubutors and the Editor, represent the view of ThinkScotland.


Brian Monteith


Brian Monteith is a writer and commentator drawing upon his background of politics and marketing – from London and Edinburgh through the 80s and 90s – to his eight years in the Scottish Parliament.

In 2007 he left Holyrood to return to commerce as a communications consultant in Botswana, Nigeria, Pakistan, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia and Uganda. He is a regular columnist in The Scotsman, Evening News and CityAM – his books include Paying the Piper – from a taxing lament to rewarding jig and The Bully State – the end of tolerance as well as editing two collections of Unionist opinion during the 2014 Indyref, How to bluff your way to independence and The Positive Case.

Brian is Director of Communications for Global Britain and during the Brexit campaign was seconded to be head of press for Leave.EU.


Jackie Anderson

Assistant Editor

Jackie Anderson enjoyed thirteen years retail experience at Mark & Spencers’ flagship store at the Gyle, Edinburgh – including management in the Food, Homeware and Ladiesware departments – before deciding to travel the world and write, bringing her down-to-earth, provocative and humorous take on life to ThinkScotland.

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