Gail MacDonald

Gail MacDonald

Gail MacDonald is from the west coast of Scotland. She studied at Nottingham and has been a professional psychologist and writer for over twenty years working in both public and private sectors. Views expressed here are personal.


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Think Culture

My favourite reads of 2021

DOMESTIC LIVES and relationships have taken pride of place in four best-sellers in 2021.  All the, er, sacrifice of working from home means that domesticity

Think Culture

The Leo always rises

THE SUSSEXES are coming!  The Sussexes are coming! The Coca-Cola lorry has nothing on this juggernaut of publicity.  Always entertaining and worth every penny, how

Think Culture

The Good the Bad – and the Non-binary

GOOD AND BAD were easily spotted in my day.  Nelly Olsen, arch super-villain from Little House on the Prairie was a bad piece of work. 

Think Politics

Scotland and its bad romance

WE’VE ALL been there, have we not?  Taken a romantic view of something or someone and only saw what we wanted to see.   When our feelings have

Think Culture

Meghan’s truth? She’s classic Leo!

ROYALS! RACISM! Woman!  Mental Health! Diana!  Talk about bang for your buck.  But there’s one more issue that should be added.  Star signs!  Meghan is a Leo.  And boy, what a

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