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Alex Story

Alex Story is a senior manager at a City brokerage, where he works closely with hedge funds and other financial institutions. A rower, he represented Great Britain at the Olympic Games and won the Boat Race for Cambridge on two occasions. His team still holds the course record. @alexpstory


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Our descent to incivility and ignorance

THE BELL TOLLED for western civilisation on the 26th of March 2006. Some people will point to financiers. After all, they sold insight and competence

Today's Thinking

Britain must remain a shining beacon of hope

A FEW DAYS AGO Boris Johnson said we should have a “national conversation” on the topic of vaccine mandates. Of all the things that he has said this

Think Culture

Why Words and their meanings really matter

THE PHONE RANG. “Hello”, I said. “Ey-up Alex”. “Hi John” I answered. “I ain’t John no more, I’m Samantha”. “No, you’re not”, I replied. “Aye,

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