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Leave those fossil feuds in the ground and commit to NAT ZERO by 2030


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IT’S AS CLEAR AS EVER that Britain needs a Secession Rebellion because nationalism presents an extinction level threat to the whole United Kingdom. Not four nations, but our nation. That is how serious nationalism in Scotland and Ireland is. If the Conservative (maybe) and Unionist (definitely maybe) Party can believe that only global action can face off a climate emergency by 2030 then it has no excuse to appease nationalism within these islands.

For 20 years unionism has been seen as devolved to branch office parties in Scotland and distinct parties in Northern Ireland while the British government tries to act as a disinterested mediator. This has been a disaster and yet the same failed approach is still pursued.

We have a UK Government threatening to pass Irish Language legislation in Northern Ireland and are still subjected to electoral blackmail by those who want their cheap seats in Holyrood on the back of keeping the SNP in power, seemingly forever.

This is all the more vexing and wasteful because that same government has been enraptured by a new religion, that of climate worship. This is a globalist religion and requires global solutions to which the UK has signed up readily and with minimal scrutiny.

So often we ask how much Scottish independence will cost but has anyone dared guess how much ripping out the oil and gas infrastructure from Scotland and the rest of the UK will cost? It makes it difficult to ask these hard headed questions here even though the economy is Britain’s strongest card against indy-fetishists. When our own energy and climate policies are at least as whacky as the Nats it rather levels the playing field in their favour.

Nonetheless we are far more likely to hit Net Zero on carbon emissions within two parliaments than we are to remove the SNP government. Why the lack of industry and enthusiasm in defending our nation? How can a nation defend the planet when it will not defend itself?

The truth is Scottish nationalism is a fossil feud. It is old, sclerotic and desperately looking for problems for which it is a solution. There have many articles by nationalists calling for the ‘Yes campaign’ to rethink its strategy for independence but there is one obvious road seldom travelled and that is to ask the question,

“Why are we still doing this?”

“What specific problems can we not solve now because of the UK”

It may seem shockingly rude for a realist to ask a fantasist such a question but the reality is we are the United Kingdom and anything else is just that, a fantasy. It doesn’t mean it cannot happen one day but one day often forgotten is today. What are Nationalists doing today to deal with real issues, now?

Take the immigration riot in Pollokshields a few weeks ago. What had the SNP done to date for the men in question? No one seemed to know who they were. The Scottish Government certainly made false assumptions about their religion, presuming them to be Muslim when they were in fact Sikh. No one had asked in Parliament specifically why illegal immigrants should not be deported. No one has yet condemned the claim made by one that he would marry to stay in the UK, despite such bogus marriages being a serious offence and a public nuisance. Could it be Nationalists would rather not even try and would rather see people fail and suffer if it meant they could suffer under the Union Flag?

“Is the suffering of others more important than the suffrage of all?” 

“Is it better our MPs do nothing for fear of doing something positive?”

Increasingly I see videos online of teenagers saying they hate the English because of what was done to their ancestors by the ancestors of people like Boris Johnson. I’m perplexed, really. Apart from the fact that life is far more complex (Johnson’s ancestry makes him a walking melting pot) – Is being English now an original sin? And if so why target the English landowning class and not the Scottish counterpart? Why go centuries back to rehash old wars when people can’t let a few years go by without attacking their own voting public for rejecting them?

These same people want to join the EU. The EU composed, wait for it, the children of Nazis and that is no figure of speech.

There are tens of millions of Germans whose parents were real, actual Nazis living and working in Nazi Germany. 

There are millions whose parents in France and Belgium deported hundreds and thousands of Jews to death camps. 

There are people in former Yugoslavia who less than 30 years ago raped and slaughtered over 100,000 of their countrymen.

There are members of the Irish Dail and former MEPs who are terrorists involved in murder and torture of civilians.

Yet the English are the problem? If we can forgive the sons and daughters of people who caused mass murder – and we should, why have such prejudice against the English? I think it’s fair to say, on any level, the middle and working class across England and the rest of the UK can be cut a little slack. If this nihilist movement cannot forgive and move on from 750 years or even 250 years of history it offers mothing but a miserable future.

If you cannot forgive sins never cast against you or even your parents and grandparents you have no hope in independence – and certainly not in a Europe which exists today on the back of reconciliation. The British experience created land reform, the welfare state, the European Convention of Human Rights and the United Nations – and Scotland was part of all of that. We even for our sins help create the European Union!

To fail to reconcile is to deny everything since and so I have to ask the question that since the beginning of the modern era, say the end of the second world war, what gives? What really is so bad about the UK that people are not prepared to do as anyone in any country does and actually make a fist of it? Almost every grievance of the 1980s has gone. Housing is devolved, industry is private, carbon is now the master of people and no longer its slave, draining their wealth instead of growing it.

So what are the Nationalists angry about, specifically? The VAT rate on bicycle seats? The National Insurance threshold? Never has the state been so big in our lives in a generation but never has that state been more distant from Westminster.

It’s practically all on us.

The roads, the schools, the ferries, the aluminium smelter, stamp duty. It’s all on us.

For the religion on nationalism it will never be enough. Why solve problems when you can find them? Why cooperate when you can denigrate. It is a religion that rewards people with the security that only misery brings. So perhaps we need a new one. Maybe we need some religious fervour again to push back, a Secession Rebellion. It’s time we called out Nationalism for what it is, the grubby seedy Borgia establishment of old, existing on ever older fossil feuds.

If we can decarbonise we can denationalise. Reconciliation brings renaissance, as it has done before but there has to be real pushback. We need some lofty goals. We need to call our those who fail to oppose nationalism as well as the nationalists. They are also the grubby seedy establishment.

Can we not aim for Nat Zero? No nationalists in any level of government by 2030? That is nine years. We rebuilt from the bombing of the Nazis in nine years. All we needed to be sure was that no more bombs would fall and this time that is 100 per cent under our control. The moment we stop defending our skies we can focus on retaking them. Yes, there is a Battle of Britain but this is not the whole of the war. We have to stop defending and start attacking as the best means of defence and we have to get used to using the greatest strength we have witnessed from Nats.

We have to show zero compromise with those who are not our equals. Fantasists are not equal to realists because fantasists talk rights and realists walk responsibilities. If we showed 50 per cent of the will and 5 per cent of what we are going to spend on Net Zero we can achieve Nat Zero by 2030.

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Photo by Wayhome Studio from Adobe Stock


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