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The Mummy Diaries – Life’s a beach!


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LOCKDOWN LIFE has been pretty tough going. I for one was sick and tired of hearing, “It’s actually quite nice to just slow down.” Slow down? I’ve never been busier in my life! And I haven’t even been home schooling.

Oh and the best one, “Lockdown will make us appreciate the simple things” What simple things? Mmm yeah, the simple things, like trying to bribe the kids to go play outside in the garden instead of watching Peppa Pig and Blippi on repeat. (The latter, by the way, needs to get checked into rehab in my opinion!) My strategy for getting through lockdown was to just keep concentrating on each day, enjoy the good days as much as possible and stop waiting on the end date.

On the bright side, Kermit and I seemed to be on the same page…

And then all of a sudden, the sun appeared, we were allowed to travel outside of 5K and we had a weekend that we hadn’t had in months.

Friday morning and the sun was shining. Nice but I thought as usual we’ll still need to be wrapped up like arctic monkeys before venturing out of the door for playschool. But nope, I was wrong. The walk up was lovely and what I noticed was how ‘nice’ everyone was being. Not that people aren’t nice normally but the usual school run in the morning in a blizzard doesn’t allow for too many “Good morning!”s or “Lovely day isn’t it?”s. By the time Lily and I arrived home, we were ready to keel over with the heat as we had so many layers on. Nice complaint to have!

That morning was spent out in the garden, playing with Lily and getting washing hung out. Yes, one minute you are young and cool and then the next you wake up and get excited about getting the washing hung out and having a favourite stove top burner. Don’t laugh, it will happen to you eventually if it hasn’t already! By the time we were heading back up the road to collect Jamie, it was a very comfortable 17 degrees. At this point, random strangers were actually waving to each other in passing cars! We stopped at the shop for an ice cream and bumped into our neighbour Janet and her six perfect kids on the way home.

“Oh hi Emma! Lovely day isn’t it? Just running in here myself to get some ice cream, it’s so nice to treat the kids!” Says Janet while running past.

“Hi Janet! Yes it is…”

“Sorry can’t stop we are on our way to the beach! Byeeee!”

“Bye then!” I reply.

Even Janet is bearable on a sunny day I thought.

The following day was another lovely sunny one and we decided to just spend the day in the garden letting the kids play and get the jobs done outside. We had a picnic, had ice lollies, Jamie and Lily spent time on their bikes and were loving having the freedom outside without the usual looming hailstone shower!

Later on, as I was tidying up the toys in the garden, our neighbour Janet jogs past in her running gear with two of her perfect kids in tow.

“Hi Emma! Just squeezing in a quick run after our trip to the beach today, if you ever want to start running just give me a shout and we can run together! Byeeeee!” Janet says out of breath.

On a normal day I would be thinking I would rather stick pins in my eyes. But not today!

“Yeah great Janet I’ll give you a shout!” I replied.

The following morning, we decided to go to the beach as well. The kids were so excited, you would have thought it was Christmas morning! We got the bikes, the buckets and spades, the changes of clothes, the snacks etc, etc, packed – and off we went. The beach wasn’t as warm but it was still lovely and after a few hours of building sandcastles, riding their bikes, collecting shells and of course getting their feet wet, Jamie and Lily were exhausted and actually asked to go back to the car. Job done! Well a day at the beach wasn’t complete without the stop for ice cream on the way home.

We arrived home and the kids were both out cold in the car. James and I got the car unpacked and while James started to shovel sand out of the boot, I went to lift Lily out of her seat. Unfortunately, Lily wasn’t happy at being woken up and started crying and roaring at the top of her lungs. This then woke Jamie up and he started to get upset as well.

And just at that moment..

“Oh dear! Someone’s not happy!” Shouts over Janet laughing.

“Ah yeah. They are just tired from being at the beach all day.” I said.

“Oh mine would have stayed all evening as well if I let them!” Replies Janet.

Deep breaths, it’s been a nice day.

Monday morning and it was back to the usual April weather – a bit of sun and cloud in the morning and then hailstones in the afternoon, followed by a rainstorm. Four degrees.

Fox. Ache. My lockdown mood was back and so it appeared was everyone else’s on the walk up to play school. We had the normal five minute wait to cross the road because no one would stop long enough to let us past, everyone was in a rush and practically fighting over the last car park space at the school, there was definitely no waving and, oh yes, it was pissing with rain. Back to the norm then.

On the walk back from dropping Jamie off, Lily decided that she would jump into the biggest muddy puddle. Of course she was only wearing her new canvas trainers that she demanded to wear and of course, this was directly outside of Janet’s house.

Cue Janet..

Fox. Ache.

But then a strange thing happened. Janet came storming out of the front door and headed for the car..

“Hurray up will you! I haven’t got all day!!” She roars without even noticing Lily and I.

The ‘not so perfect kids’ all pile out and one of them manages to close the car door on Janet’s fingers!

“Ouch!! You little..”

“Morning Janet!” I shout.

“Oh.. err.. morning..”

“I just decided to let Lily jump in the puddles today and make the most of the change in the weather! Byeeee!” I said happily walking away.

Ah, now I get it. It’s the simple things alright!


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