Meghan and Harry Square

The Leo always rises

THE SUSSEXES are coming!  The Sussexes are coming!

The Coca-Cola lorry has nothing on this juggernaut of publicity.  Always entertaining and worth every penny, how would the world have coped during this dark period without the Markle-Windsor light shining?  An almost daily reminder to us all that money and influence looks fun but self-awareness is still the Holy Grail and definitely not available to all.  Meghan and Harry’s new message of hope, that they are ‘keeping it real’ is comedy genius.

Predictably, as a Classic Leo, Meghan has supreme interest in maintaining the world’s gaze on her.  Sharing attention is not Leo.  Staying in the sunshine of public interest is, to the Leo, doing the world a favour.  Leos are not interested in tedious details.   The Leo response to unpleasantness?  Just sue them.  Small matters of evidence? Oh make it go away.  A Leo doesn’t do boring bits:  that’s what boring people are for – to deal with it.

Meghan is big picture thinking, and the big picture for the Leo?  Attention.  The opposite of attention?  Sharing attention.  Sharing is no good to a Leo.

So is it possible that Queen of the Leos, Meghan, is doing a little distancing between herself and her Prince husband.  A graph of distances between them would show Oprah interview (side by side), 40th birthday video (Harry in garden through window) and then Ellen’s interview (Harry’s not there and presented through hearsay and illustrations).

Has Meghan realised that Harry can steal her sunshine?

A Leo would not play around when the attention is right there in the gaze of an Oprah lens.  Leaving her image, her very self, at risk of even the tiniest fleck of imperfection is simply not on.  That would include the Leo’s husband.  The Leo wife would definitely have a plan for when other half goes off message – a squeeze of the hand or stroke on the arm.  There was plenty of squeezing and stroking during the Oprah interview but did the plan work?  Maybe he did not feel the sign in his excitement or agitation.

Or worse, did Harry go rogue?   In the aftermath, did Meghan chastise herself for expecting too much of him?  Did Meghan need to re-think her strategy for the next event?  Did she take that broken arrow and put him in the garden?

Plus, it’s so much harder to keep on the ‘keeping it real’ message if you are an actual prince.  Harry can’t share a story of hardship, having to bargain hunt at the market or climb through the boot of a (one-doored?) car.  Meghan’s struggle raises a chuckle as we know it didn’t happen but hey, we weren’t there, so we can humour your story.  But the laughter would stop hard and fast should Harry start bleating about money or how his dad cut him off in his thirties. We were there, Harry.  No ‘on the make’ stories for you.  Even Meghan knows that it’s a step too far to go down that risky route.

So it would be quite the relief to the Leo to remove all risk factors.  A presented version of the Leo world is so much more Leo.

Meghan can give Meghan’s version of Meghan world, Meghan history, Meghan truth and Meghan husband. Literally she brought with her a book with a picture and narrative of Harry in place of real Harry.   A version of her family which she has been, ahem, persuaded to share because it’s so very, very good.   No more Harry trampling over Meghan’s version of Harry.  Or her happy place – a triangulated joyful place where the world can finally hear from Meghan on what Harry thinks of her, Meghan on what the world thinks of her and Meghan on what Meghan thinks of her.  Leo Heaven, in other words.

Harry may be much safer and happier if he lets Meghan create him in her own image.  She can definitely breathe a sigh of relief.  The sun has taken its rightful place in the world. And to be clear, Harry seems happy enough in his current state.  Maybe he’s happiest playing second fiddle, him being second son etc.

There’s a risk of course, that like an Italian driver, Meghan forgets what is behind her, always looking ahead, seeking better things. But my money is on the idea that maybe genuinely they are two souls who give each other exactly what they need.  She wants world dominion and he just wants, like the rest of us, to see what his wife will think of next.

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For avoidance of doubt, Gail MacDonald is a Leo – as she told us here…

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