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December 8, 2021
Murdo Fraser

Book Review: Is renewable energy affordable?

THE OTHERWISE estimable Michael Gove’s infamous dismissal of the views of ‘experts’ during the Brexit referendum was indicative of a mind-set of too many in

Miles Saltiel

High Horses and Big Asks

JUST TWICE before this week can I remember Brits breaking free of their reserve to speak to strangers about politics. The first occasion was on

Jill Stephenson

Confessions of a small-ship cruiser

LOOKING DOWN from the white-painted church on a hill in Cartagena, Colombia, we surveyed the panorama of the harbour and sea front. In the harbour,

Paul Spare

Wind power – just another windup?

ACCORDING TO THE WITTICISM and cliché, there are three levels of inaccuracy… lies, damned lies and statistics… This sounds both amusing and accurate but is

Jonathan Stanley

Supreme Court shows how the Union can work

TODAY’S JUDGEMENT by the Supreme Court on the Scottish Government’s Legal Continuity Bill is fascinating. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the dynamic between

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