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October 2, 2023
Miles Saltiel

Brexit and Hell’s special places

MY REGULAR READERS have been asking what I make of current events. Last week, the President of the European Commission, Donald Tusk, stagily expressed his

Murdo Fraser

Book Review: Is renewable energy affordable?

THE OTHERWISE estimable Michael Gove’s infamous dismissal of the views of ‘experts’ during the Brexit referendum was indicative of a mind-set of too many in

Miles Saltiel

High Horses and Big Asks

JUST TWICE before this week can I remember Brits breaking free of their reserve to speak to strangers about politics. The first occasion was on

Jill Stephenson

Confessions of a small-ship cruiser

LOOKING DOWN from the white-painted church on a hill in Cartagena, Colombia, we surveyed the panorama of the harbour and sea front. In the harbour,

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