Eben Wilson

Eben Wilson

An honours graduate in economics from the University of St Andrews, Eben Wilson has had three careers; initially in journalism and broadcasting (including Milton Friedman’s TV series “Free to Choose”), economics (as an associate Scholar of the ASI) and now business (founding various companies).


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Think Business

Covid-19 has us guddling for reality

IF YOU HAVE EVER tried guddling for trout you will understand the trials of an observing economist in these strange times.  We’re trained to stand away from received

Think Politics

England – not bothered about Scotland?

Eben Wilson article from Monday 13, January, 2020 CONVERSATIONS in the South of England over the festive season have convinced me of a change taking root. It’s a driven by the political re-focussing towards the needs of the North of England as an outcome of the December election.  As a global Scot I have often […]

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