Eben Wilson

Eben Wilson

An honours graduate in economics from the University of St Andrews, Eben Wilson has had three careers; initially in journalism and broadcasting (including Milton Friedman’s TV series “Free to Choose”), economics (as an associate Scholar of the ASI) and now business (founding various companies).


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Think Business

Corbynomics takes the mickey out of rational expectations

Eben Wilson article from Tuesday 10, December, 2019 THE OTHER DAY I got a startled look from a Lib Dem canvasser at my door when I suggested that I was not minded to vote for yet another socialist party.  Clearly, the twenty-something activist in question had an understanding of his world far removed from my […]

Think Business

We must Bulldoze Scotland’s love of the planning approach

WHAT POLICY APPROACH can support the advance of post-Brexit Scotland? While our nation is being forced to disappear up its own secessionist rear end through the Neverendum Tendency, that basic economic question does not lose its importance – Scots have to make a living somewhere and we need to do a lot of trade to support our […]

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