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May 14, 2021
Jill Stephenson

The pension lie and other separatist myths

WOULD YOU Adam and Eve it? The SNP’s propaganda rag, The National, has published an article called ‘Fears for pensions in an independent Scotland quelled in Yesser’s

Alan Sked

Merkel and Sturgeon: two popular failures?

IT STRIKES ME both Angela Merkel and Nicola Sturgeon are regarded in the media as long-serving leaders who are pleasant, capable and successful. I don’t

Tom Gallagher

Is there a journalist who could write Flashman today?

Tom Gallagher article from Monday 22, June, 2020 THE HERALD NEWSPAPER in Glasgow is reticent about the fact that its deputy editor in the 1960s later went on to be a master story-teller whose novels sold millions, many remaining in print today.  George MacDonald Fraser represents a past that the newspaper is uncomfortable about. The […]

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