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July 21, 2021
Gordon Dean

The SNP has abandoned the poor

THE SNP has abandoned any attempt at helping the poor in Scotland – now over a fifth of the population.  The SNP Government has failed

Max Young

The NHS is not safe under the SNP

THE HEALTH of Scots has been sadly neglected by the SNP. While Scottish health spending used to be much higher than that in England, the

Think Scotland

The SNP Record: good or bad? Executive Report

IN THIS report – published by and available here – the data, mostly produced by the Scottish government itself, demonstrates the SNP, despite being in power over

Gail MacDonald

Scotland and its bad romance

WE’VE ALL been there, have we not?  Taken a romantic view of something or someone and only saw what we wanted to see.   When our feelings have

Dean M Thomson

Why is the First Minister playing away from home?

ALTHOUGH Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon frequently demands that London respects devolved competencies yet she has never demonstrated any respect for reserved matters such as foreign

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