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February 8, 2023
Tom Gallagher

England deserves better from Scotland

Tom Gallagher article from Monday 2, March, 2020 ONE OF THE MOST PERPLEXING outcomes of the ‘These Islands’ conference (first discussed here on 24 February) was the condescension or impatience displayed towards England.  England’s poorer regions have made no objections to large fiscal transfers to Scotland and Northern Ireland, nor to increasing emphasis being given in […]

Eben Wilson

England – not bothered about Scotland?

Eben Wilson article from Monday 13, January, 2020 CONVERSATIONS in the South of England over the festive season have convinced me of a change taking root. It’s a driven by the political re-focussing towards the needs of the North of England as an outcome of the December election.  As a global Scot I have often […]

Think Scotland

Daily Political Newspaper Summary: 2 June 2010

Politics Fiscal powers: A campaign is to be launched tomorrow calling for greater fiscal powers for Holyrood, beyond those proposed by the Calman Commission.   Ben Thomson,

Think Scotland

Daily Political Media Summary: 22 April 2010

General Election TV debate: Comment and speculation ahead of the second TV debate between the leaders of the UK parties.  Tonight’s debate on Sky News

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