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Don't oppose Sturgeon’s five tests, let's hold her to them

THE FIRST MINISTER has rejected both recent referenda results on the grounds of political inconvenience. I think we should let Nicola Sturgeon run with this recent escapade for longer, as it is humiliating her more and more by the day.

Don't oppose her five tests, let's hold her to them.

by Jonathan Stanley

Tuesday 26, July, 2016 , | Comment


Is a German exit required for the EU to survive?

LE FIGARO is France’s Daily Telegraph. In its main French paper edition of yesterday, 4th August 2016, its principal op-ed writer, Yves de Kerdrel, a well-known figure on France’s (quite excellent) discussion programmes on TV and radio, launched an unprecedented attack on Germany. The following is my translation, which, at the very least, is symptomatic of ...

by Ian Milne

Friday 5, August, 2016 , | Comment


Let free trade and capitalism lift all boats

AN ETERNAL DILEMMA of leadership is that merely pointing the way forward is not enough. A sense of vision and a clear exposition of a mission do wonders, but good leaders know that there has to be logical substance to match charisma and the tone of voice.

In politics this expresses itself ...

by Eben Wilson

Friday 22, July, 2016 , | Comment