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Is Scotland too late for EFTA membership?

HAVE YOU THOUGHT about a really good idea? A really smart one? Only to Google it and find someone's already gone and done it?

So, it seems the SNP are now finally thinking about how to stay in the single market via some pre-pack solution. For Sturgeon it has all come too ...

Wednesday 26, October, 2016 , | Comment


Brexit is Marmite but Marmite is not Brexit

WE LIVE in strange times.  Our very former deputy PM Nick Clegg has unleashed a phalanx of pithy untruths about the price of food upon leaving the European Union.

Our old mate Marmite hasn't had a good week. Threats of price increases blamed on Sterling's fall and Brexit thinly veiled the truth. ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Wednesday 19, October, 2016 , | Comment


Planes, trains and Hinkley Point...

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS, we're encountering some turbulence.  We apologise for any delay to your flight / journey / whatever... actually we don't apologise. You are travelling British class so what did you expect?

Another twist in the sorry tale of Heathrow. There are words left to describe this saga so best ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Wednesday 26, October, 2016 , | Comment