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Derek MacKay, Kezia Dugdale and me in a sequinned dress

The Scottish Government’s Finance Secretary Derek MacKay is a likeable fellow. His meteoric rise from youthful leader of Renfrewshire Council, to MSP, to Transport Minister, and now to Cabinet Secretary for Finance, has not dented his popularity with colleagues in all Parties.

Even when his tenure as Transport Minister coincided with the ...

by Murdo Fraser

Saturday 24, September, 2016 , | Comment


It’s time for a REALLY British Bake Off

THREE CONSTITUTIONAL have hit Scotland in as many years. First the battle for staying in a union. Then came the battle for not staying in a union. As far as Scots go on the whole we’re fairly conservative in how we vote, but you wouldn’t think it the way British television treats us.

by Jonathan Stanley

Friday 23, September, 2016 , | Comment


Deals – or no deals – matter

ANYONE CAN SIGN ONE, but not everyone can negotiate one.

Hinkley Point C is an example. At £18 billion it is nothing short of a disaster for the UK. Far from boosting UK industry it will distract businesses from adopting sustainable strategies. 


Because it isn't sustainable ...

by Jonathan Stanley

Monday 19, September, 2016 , | Comment