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Embattled Finance Secretary takes more flack

AS THE PROCESS for scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s draft budget for 2017/18 grinds its way through the Parliamentary process, the position of the SNP Government, and in particular that of the Finance Secretary Derek Mackay, continues to unravel.

In last week’s blog on this site, I highlighted the fact that the ...

by Murdo Fraser

Friday 20, January, 2017 , | Comment


The 'Cumbernauld mermaid' and other sad tales

DEAR READERS, thank you for your letters, interest and kind response since Christmas. I am encouraged by your words and very pleased that you have clearly grasped how any attempt at visual art is instantly recognisable for what it shows, and not otherwise, despite any stories, excuses, or alleged symbolism to the contrary. What you see is what ...

by Charles Harris

Friday 20, January, 2017 , | Comment


Trump changes everything

I WAS RECENTLY sent a long and detailed blueprint, with copious references, on how to build a new political party fit for the 21st century.  The paper made a number of very good points; better connections with constituents, using the internet to canvas opinion, more accountability and empowering local communities.   

Where ...

by Martyn Greene

Monday 23, January, 2017 , | Comment