Scotland needs real conservatives more than ever

Scotland needs real conservatives more than ever

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Friday 23, November, 2018

THERE ARE some people in life I find are intolerant to experience or fact. When they faced with a moral dilemma they find their own compass to be south pointing and who excel in ignorance.

I have seen this not infrequently in politicians who rely on tactics over strategy. The louder they are the worse they tend to be as if those with the least to say, say it best. Any charismatician will fall into this category.

Then you find the accidental leaders, who marry the above opportunistic streak with a complete lack of their own vision. They ape for a while their sponsor, but when time comes to show genuine leadership of their own they underwhelm and do not deliver at all.

Very quickly they find a hobby horse. One red button they press over and over again like one of those lab mice in a Skinner box. Eventually the hobby horse becomes an all consuming obsession and exhausts the rodent, evident to all but the animal itself.

First the SDP split followed by creating the Liberal Democrats. Always pro-EU and ever more contrived for it. A dodgy bar chart, broken promises, two faced centrism and now utterly redundant as a concept. Its place is being taken by the Green movement almost everywhere we look.

With William Hague it was Tory party renewal hence the baseball cap showing how out of touch he himself was.

With UKIP it was Brussels and immigration but above all a referendum on Europe. Especially on immigration. 

With the SNP, it is a referendum on independence. 

With the Scottish Tories it is specifically NOT having a referendum which is by far the most self-terminating, given its sole premise is people are refractory to having multiple constitutional events. We are, I'm afraid, only ever in a relative refractory period for as long the driver for the event remains. 

Once UKIP won us the referendum it was immediately sidelined by the mainstream, not entirely unfairly. Once it adopted Gerard Batten as its unelected leader it went full speed for irrelevance. In the midst of Brexit negotiation failure and insufferable compromise what do we find UKIP doing but considering whether or not to admit a man they have specifically banned. Oh, and obsessing over Islam in a thoroughly unconstructive way.

Tommy Robinson is Gerard Batten's baseball cap. Rare in 25 years will you find a senior politician and party leader who has learned nothing about electability. There is no ology or direction in UKIP. Its biggest recruiting sergeant is Theresa May and its contribution to the Brexit debate since 2016 has been zero.

In Scotland there is an utter dearth of anything right of centre. Sugar tax, plastic bag tax, LGBT before ABC in schools, zero faith in the UK as a trading power and that's just our lot on the "right"! Thatcher-Free, Diet Toryism is insipid and no way better than the real thing.

With Brexit we have a chance in a century for national renewal, strengthening the Union, being a beacon for trade and prosperity and the only party that has made gains since 2016 is Labour. Absurd as his logic is to us, Corbyn has a vision. A pipe dream, but a vision.

There remains as always an unspoken truth in UK politics and Scottish politics especially. There is an unmet need for a party of Brexit, of free trade, of freedom, of conservatism as a mantra not a brand, of policies that make voters stand up and stand up on their own feet. The Right in Scotland is the natural space for this. 

Let charisma fade into the ether. Our future deserves to be built on something more robust than a choice of grudge or fudge. It's time finally to put the fizz back in family, faith and flag.

No more bull! Let Scotland Make real Conservatives Again!

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