The Conservative & Customs Unionist Party will bring #Indyref2 down on us all

The Conservative & Customs Unionist Party will bring #Indyref2 down on us all

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Monday 5, November, 2018

THERE ARE A FEW salient features of a modern state. The rise of globalism and especially Europeanism have undermined the nation state in ways few predicted. A faceless internationalism in terms of corporatism and a faceless nationalism of an protectionist Europeanism –  any European nation fit to remain a nation to be true to these features.

That the United Kingdom is both a union of nations and a unitary state places it in a particularly difficult position. To control one's laws, ports, borders, commerce and to do so through its own demos requires we see ourselves as a united people and that that union is worthwhile maintaining.

This month the Conservative and Customs Unionist party could wipe out 300 years of union by declaring to the world that while its people have won the right to these basic tenets of sovereignty its Customs Union government does not believe they are worthwhile. 

The current Brexit plan removes all potential for hope and change that lies solely within our hands. Nothing will be better solely through our own will. No trade deals delivered, no character of the nation's peoples preserved by democratic will, no court in our land can prevent any one of us being sent to another without prima facie evidence, no law can be passed that cannot be struck down elsewhere.

So what is the point? Why have a United Kingdom? 

It is not that I have any wish to see it end. It provides Scotland with protection against a very ugly and vicious nationalism that sees enemies in every institution in Scotland.

If, however, there were to be another referendum on independence then what would we fight it on? What's the killer app? That's we just don't want to have one? That's it? That the current Scottish government is failing? Is that going to be enough?

It was buffoonery and arrogance of Better Together to insist that the UK was the only way to remain in the EU. Blistering chauvinistic claptrap of a political class totally out of kilter with the public opinion of the Union as a whole. 

The truth is that notwithstanding a total lack of numerical credibility the SNP has a vision. It's tripe. It's confection. It's misty-eyed kitsch. It’s all of those things but, sadly, it’s vision exists.

So what are we now offering? "No to a second...." yeah, yeah, got it, really, seriously, we know, but what else?

Remaining in the EU? The EU that erases any trappings of a modern state in any case? An EU that can give all of this to an independent Scotland too?

Massive barriers to trade? Well Theresa's appeasers have made sure that isn't going to happen.  We are on dangerous ground.  The irony of the euro-luvvy brigade across the unionist camp, fawning to the Scottish media blob as they do, is that in battling so much to shut down those wicked Eurosceptics and tell Scotland how great the EU is that they have cut a hole in their own sack.

If unionists think they can rely on fear of the unknown again after the events of the last four years we are in very big trouble. Then again, are we in any trouble at all?  History shows us pictures of the late King George V in Dublin. How the crowds loved him. Four years later the Easter Rising led to the ripping apart of Ireland. 

That Scottish Unionists have not shown deep and genuine fury over the antics of Dublin today in trying to hive Ulster from the Union gives us another glimpse, as if we needed it, of how malevolent the EU support of regionalism has been and how hollow is our bellicose offering to resist it.

There are some MPs that get it. Andrea Jenkyns is a Yorkshire MP doing a sterling job of holding government to account. She has raised serious questions of the Chancellor in his ability to hand over our money to the EU if Article 50 were to be extended or a "transition" to be funded when no such legal requirement exists. 

Such questions do not quickly win friends, but in contrast to the fawning of so many Tories in Westminster today, they are the examination of government needed to protect our Union. We can only do that in the long term by making our union show its detractors its unique selling points. At the moment they seem all too busy selling us out instead.

Our union will not survive as an English-speaking offshore province of a United Europe. Any one stupid enough not to see the end game of political Europe has to ask themselves what planet they have been on of late.

Chuck chequers, sling out the customs union, and project a positive vision we can sell by the pound.


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