Nikita Sturgeon’s Porridgeburo drops a Cherry bomb too hot to handle

Nikita Sturgeon’s Porridgeburo drops a Cherry bomb too hot to handle

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Monday 8, February, 2021

IT HAD TO HAPPEN eventually. A Stalinist party machine has disappeared an erudite Trotskyist. The ice pick was swung in the dark, no press release from a party that wastes no second attacking others.  

One of the most talented politicians in Scotland has been hit by the no tall poppy strategy of Nicola Sturgeon… again. 

This is a party leader not only under siege but under water. It was a move calculated on fear and panic. The independence campaign has stalled. It is dead in the water, and if people would not believe that before the Northern Irish vaccine crisis, they should now. 

Sturgeon has doubled down time and again in backing the EU over the UK. She went as far as to threaten to betray vaccine supply details to the EU, only for the EU to then blockade the UK from importing vital medicines. This at a time when Scotland was failing to keep up with vaccination campaigns across the UK, it was a sleekit and egregious own goal from a very bitter narcissist. 

It was clear to me on the 25th of January after Chris Musson eviscerated the FM that the dam was going to burst. I predicted an outburst of narcissistic rage would follow. It turns out she pent it up for longer than I expected.  

Move on to the devasting evidence by Craig Murray that almost everyone in the Scottish journalist clique has ignored. Slowly the machine is coming apart. Nikita is being poisoned in her bed by her Porridgeburo who realise things have gone too far.  

When Glasgow’s siren-in-chief wails loudly that NEC regional lists rankings are to be rigged against the advice of a QC, the fingers all pointed to Cherry. Not that it mattered. Any scheme will do when the end goal in burying an ice pick in your long term rival. 

Joanna Cherry stands out. She is calmly out of the closet and makes no drama of it. She is an accomplished senior lawyer and uniquely scored a brilliant legal win against the UK government over its proroguing of Parliament last year.  

Sometime, being good turns out to be rather bad. At a time when the SNP leadership, oft-likened to the Ceausescus or Perons, is shaking about under scrutiny like a senile washing machine, to see real talent burst through is really too much. 

The Porridgeburo had to act, to save the party from itself. A sacrificial virgin of sorts had to be found, not only to appease the dear leader but to distract from an inquiry slowly, inefficiently, drowning her. If it is wrong to criticise the party in public, then fitting up the former leader with help from the civil service and payrolled spouse isn’t exactly in the spirit of the rules. 

Cherry has lots of support. Her sceptical analytical approach to gender politics contrasts with the emotional incontinence of so many of Sturgeon’s friends. As a Silk it would be absurd for her not to be critical and conservative in changing something so fundamental as the sanctity of biological identity.  

Like Trotsky before her, and Snowball the inventive pig in Animal Farm, Cherry has been disappeared. We are seeing, slowly, the Peronist party start to turn fascist. I’ve never written that of the SNP before. We have seen dirty tricks but this is quite different. 

Joanna Cherry, objectively, has done nothing more than be potentially better than the terrible incumbent. Salmond  had left the scene, he was no longer a serving politician. It could, perhaps, be dismissed as something more personal even vindictive. 

It’s changing. This is cold rage this time. It’s becoming just a little bit dangerous. Joanna Cherry has had to go to social media not only to announce she had been sacked, but that she was in a safe location. She can be piercing, even menacing in her politics. She is not personal though, and has not to my knowledge personally threatened anyone. 

But as we have seen from previous glorification of Irish terrorism, the siege on Charles Kennedy’s home, and now the Salmond debacle, there is something quite dark beneath the fleece the Nationalists wear. We should be concerned for Scotland and we should stand firm against these political predators. 

Dr Jonathan Stanley has worked in a variety of frontline NHS positions in the UK since qualifying as a surgeon twelve years ago.

Photo of Joanna Cherry by UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor/Stephen Pike –, CC BY 3.0, 

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