Let the unionist waterboarding stop before it becomes self-defeating

Let the unionist waterboarding stop before it becomes self-defeating

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Thursday 24, January, 2019

I'VE CRACKED. I've never known my eyes to roll so often. I thought I could manage until Brexit day on March 29th but I've slipped I think and I'm not sure how to get up.

I hold nothing against the member for Stirling MP Stephen Kerr. He is a contributor to debate in Scottish politics and is articulate and decent. But I can't listen to it anymore. Yesterday's Prime Minister's Questions saw the usual blend of fawning and rhetorical questions. It has been a pre-scripted nonsense for a while now. 

Yes, I get that unionists have to oppose a second Scottish referfendum. 

Yes, the SNP need criticised for their record in devolved government.

No, I'm not Yes yet and likely never will be.

The issue is that Scots and Brits in general have little opportunity on the whole to hear from Scotland on anything but Brexit and indyref related matters. Soon not even Brexit will be a distraction. I have like so many in Scotland been waterboarded by anti-SNP rhetoric for years now and since the referendum we won in 2014 we have been rewarded by a perseveration of how divisive the SNP are and how bad they are.

It's not fair on us to be waterboarded. It is not what politics and PMQs is for.  There are many many issues that need raised in Westminster about Scotland that can be somehow resolved. Likewise, there are 30 odd Tory MSPs with a mandate for dealing with devolved matters and even there we have more than our fair share of waterboarding.

There is neither a lamb nor a lion in the land that has not heard the clarion calls to oppose a second indyref. There are chances of course to rebuff repeated SNP leadership attempts to resurrect this campaign. As a Brexiter I have some sympathy. The SNP do absolutely believe in independence in some form. They can hardly be chastised without provocation in Westminster, Holyrood or the media at every turn for what they believe in and campaign for. 

It does not help. It is becoming lazy and some colleagues on the backbenches look more than a little smug cheering on such needless redundant jabs. Scots cannot be enamoured by unionism representing only a status quo regardless – and a need to rib nationalists. Even the DUP does not do this on a continual basis. They have long accepted Westminster just isn't the place for this.

It's been almost five years since we won the independence referendum. It is time unionists let us enjoy our peace even if some nationalists refuse to let us enjoy our victory. Allowing nat-hazing to become the zenith of unionism and a free pass at winning seats in elections does not provide for healing the nation and representing the real concerns of Scots, who like me are far more complex than our identity politics continually asserts.

Let the waterboarding stop, please.

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