Just leave!

Just leave!

by Jackie Anderson
article from Monday 14, January, 2019

I’M FED UP to the back teeth of Brexit and I suspect I’m not alone. I’m fed up to the back teeth of our elected politicians and I suspect I’m not alone.

I voted for Brexit and still would vote to leave no matter how many referendums were held and in this to I believe I’m not alone.

The mess the prime minister has gotten herself into defies belief. She obviously thought, that in beginning negotiations with the EU if she behaved honourably and gave concessions right of first bat that they would respect this and work with her to make Brexit work not just for them but for a country that has been loyal to the EU up until the British people decided, democratically, that they wanted to leave, to take back control of our country in every shape and form. 

David Cameron, who pompously thought he was in touch with the British people, promised a referendum in his manifesto, despite getting it wrong on the Scottish referendum in which he nearly lost a huge part of the United Kingdom. His confidence in the result was such that no planning whatsoever was done if the result was as it was, and like a petulant child stormed of in a huff leaving even worse politicians (hard to believe, I know) to sort out leaving the EU. 

The stance of the EU has always been, right from the start, to make it difficult for us, to show other countries just how difficult they could be if they too wanted to leave this expensive cartel club. To some extent they have succeeded but maybe they have overplayed their hand as they have shown themselves to be totally reprehensible and dishonourable group of mainly unelected politicians. Who on earth would want to be a part of this shady group who plot and plan to make our prime minister look ridiculous, although there have been times when she needed no help from them as she begged her way round Europe asking for support. 

Our own elected politicians seem to forget that it is their duty to represent the will of the people who elected them. Their own personal beliefs of course define what party they join but where does it say that their own personal belief is of course better than the constituents they represent? The antics of John Bercow, who is supposed to be impartial and who’s agenda seems to be in changing the laws of the chamber of the House of Commons to help defeat the prime minister, is scandalous and if the Tower was still operational I would have him marched there tout suite and throw away the key!

Speaker Bercow has shown himself to be so thoroughly devious and reprehensible that when he eventually leaves he would probably qualify for a job running the EU. He would have to give up British nationality (with his antics some might wonder if he’s not already done that) and become a national in one of the countries still there. 

Remainer politicians say we didn’t realise what we were voting for, that belonging to the EU was good for us and that we are not a viable trading nation able to stand on our own two feet and make decisions for ourselves. Everything will fall apart if we are not in the ‘club’, oh how they underestimate the British people. On these grounds alone I’d sack the lot of them, as they don’t have a belief in our country or our people to go it alone. To make our own laws and to make our own trading agreements would of course mean our elected politicians would have to work harder and not hide under the political umbrella of our so called ally, the EU. 

Theresa May has been weak, made bad decisions with a band of brothers who have backstabbed her from day one. The alternative does not bare thinking of; if you think the EU is bad Corbyn would show us how things could get very much worse. 

We have tried the British way of fair play, of not trying to leave under bad circumstances, of staying ‘friends’, of paying an exorbitant amount of money (of which no one seems to know how this figure is arrived at !?) That’s £39 billion to keep them happy – and guess what, they’re not, so let’s just leave! NO DEAL – NO MONEY. Let them get on with it and without the millions sent weekly and a whopper of a leaving bonus from us. I suspect we will be the first of many countries to see the light and leave. I also suspect we will have the last laugh as we prosper and show there is life outside the EU. 

How stupid and delusional are our politicians who say the existing deal is no good and we should go back and renegotiate when the EU has said that’s the deal , take it or leave it and are not prepared to renegotiate. This is the very people they are championing to us as being necessary to our British way of life. If the deal is a bad deal – and it is – then no deal is preferable as Mrs May has constantly said. Our politicians can’t have their cake and eat it. 

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