Phoney Macaroni, the emperor with no clothes

Phoney Macaroni, the emperor with no clothes

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Tuesday 11, December, 2018

THE EMPEROR  wears no clothes, not even a thin yellow jacket to keep him warm, this winter of great discontent. For the centrist President turned out to be just another centraliser. Not for many years have we seen such boisterous peacocking on the world stage, such animosity towards its ancient rival, Britain, nor such a casual disdain for the ordinary working people of France.

High fuel taxes, signing up to a criminally catastrophic UN migration pact, compound domestic scandals such as security chief beating up protesters only to be later unmasked. He is also, as footage proves time and again, very rude to his public.

The French president is hyperpowerful, something at odds with the European project he clearly loves. Entire governments can be dismissed at will under the French Fifth Republic's constitution. In being THE  face of France for only five years at a time a president's opinion ratings are in essence merely ablative armour. 

Macron is now extremely unpopular, far more so than May or Trump. He has driven a wrecking ball through workers' rights having learned nothing from the collapse of the SDP in Germany for doing just that under Hartz 4. 

He is failing to deal with extremely serious Islamist threats to public safety while embracing mass migration all the more. He has relentlessly pushed for a Eurozone budget, falling into the bad habit of so many centrists that has seen populism skyrocket across Europe.

To think he only recently was boasting about how he would steal our fish and woo our finance sector to Paris, a city in flames.

Brexit asks many questions of the UK but as we can see, France is fast becoming the first former great global power to disintegrate into a self inflicted mess. Could the Fifth Republic collapse? More importantly, within the stranglehold of the Eurozone and EU, does France matter anymore?

Someone is watching. Very quietly from the alcoves, Le Pen is biding her time for when Phony Macaroni and the Gilet Jaunes burn each other out. She may not need to wait so long.

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