The captain has gone rogue; it's time to take back control

The captain has gone rogue; it's time to take back control

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Friday 16, November, 2018

THERE ARE FEW THINGS left to the imagination after the past 48 hours. The crew of the EUSS Compromise are sounding worried but nae fear, surely Scotty can bend the laws of reality, integrity and politics to keep the commander in her chair? 

Well, not so fast for there are other actors at work.

The photo above does not really show the crew of the USS Enterprise but just a bunch of uniformed actors. Like much we hear in Scotland such photo-ops are seldom as they seem.

Take Spock for example. Devoid of emotion, full of a sense of duty and exceptionally calm. There’s no chance he could support May’s Brexit deal. It is simply not logical. 

Let’s start with the £39 billion we are about to surrender for absolutely nothing. No deal, no invoice, no binding commitments of any sort. Yet we are expected to just hand it over because the EU says we cannot negotiate a trade deal otherwise. 


Scotty of course is a different matter. You see, Scottish MPs are a bit different, a bit canny they say. The truth is everyone was handpicked by Cameron loyalists and installed into candidacy to serve the captain, not Starfleet or the ship.

The mission has always been clear. Leave the orbit of the European Union, take out its tractor beam if necessary, and go where no Tory government has gone before. Go Global!

It is not that Starfleet sent out confused orders. The 2016 referendum result was clear. It was clear why it happened. It is clear what Scottish Tory candidates stood on: a manifesto to leave the customs union and single market.

The issue is we have is a captain who has gone rogue and has been promoting other rogues to her crew. This ship is far off course but her crew are tied to her. The party in Scotland has been riding shotgun on supporting the EU ever since indyref. Eurosceptics and party members have been utterly sidelined. This culminated in the shambolic “fast-tracking” in 2017 of overwhelmingly Remainer candidates in Scotland.

That will not be happening again.

The party has worked hard to build up its unionist credentials but forgets it was their leader Cameron who granted indyref in the first place. There was never a need to. Our union was put at risk and now with the Northern Irish backstop it is at risk again. Being constitutionally two-faced, centrists have always been all tactics and no strategy.

Having bet the house on Remain and then on soft Brexit, hinting several times at resigning or not supporting a clean Brexit, the Scottish Tories have cheer-led the softest Brexit possible despite it being obvious to a blind donkey that this makes indyscot a sideways move.

Every argument was raised in 2014. A hard border, disruption of the UK single market, customs points. No sooner was the EU referendum over than the Tories set about making sure they would only support a Brexit that made sure the above could not happen in Ireland. 

Game set and match guys, and no constitutional experts will haver past this. Every major argument against an independent Scotland based on a border has evaporated. It’s toast.

Back in the Star Trek world we have a captain boldly going forward for no other reason than she lacks any sense of direction or political compass. In a mirror universe though it is different. There is another flagship, not the EUSS Compromise but HMS Global Britain, pride of the Brexit cause. It has a crew, loyal and true and deepest blue.

Sometimes it happens that a crew from one universe crosses over into another. Imagine if say a dozen Brexiteers appeared to see how Brexit was panning out over here.

They would hardly be impressed. The captain has sold out on pretty much everything. They’d likely want to replace this motley sorry crew.

So much is fiction. A dozen MPs elected with Leave votes in Scotland now backing a Brexit deal that betrays their own manifesto, own voters and own party members is deeply worrying and very much real. Given the majorities of these MPs it would not be unlikely a dozen Brexiteers could simply replace some of them. Demoting all of them would at least be a given.

Let’s recap on that script and imagine how that episode would play out. These seats have been won by leave voters. Make no mistake, they can be very, very easily taken away again.  Latter Day Unionism does not belie that simple truth.

These seats are blue and backing Brexit, or neither. That will be so regardless of how much electoral pain has to be metered out. We would all prefer this to be painless. The crew should take back control and steer the course it was ordered to.

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