My Grandad’s story should remind the PM who’s debt she is in

My Grandad’s story should remind the PM who’s debt she is in

by Darren Grimes
article from Friday 5, October, 2018

WORDSWORTH'S remarks about the French Revolution sum up best how I felt on the glorious morning we found out the referendum result. 

“Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,

But to be young was very heaven!”

I had spent the campaign making the case for why young people should Vote Leave and take back control of our futures. It was a baptism of fire, but as I watched city after city, region after region, and constituency after constituency Vote Leave to take back control, I knew that the hours of campaigning had been worth it.

Now, I naively assumed that it would all end on June 24th. I naively assumed that we would come together, accept the result of the referendum and work to get the best deal for Britain. I naively assumed we could trust the self-interested and out of touch politicians in London to deliver the wishes of 17 POINT 4 MILLION Leave Voters.

During the campaign even Nick Clegg promised that he would “just move on” whatever the outcome. But, like a typical politician, he broke his promise. Since then, he has not only published a book entitled “How to Stop Brexit” but has also dedicated every second of his rapidly diminishing media exposure to reversing the result.

So arrogant were these people that they never assumed we plebs would ever do something as silly as to ignore the advice of our elites and vote to leave their precious, little, protectionist bloc. We cannot go it alone, they say; we’re too small, they cry; we’ve been too reduced, they whine. They even have the audacity to tell us that we didn’t know what we voted for, or that Leave voters were too stupid to understand what was at stake.  

Well friends, I say, That. Is. Bollocks.

Clegg has even gone so far as to call for a second vote in which young people’s votes should count TWICE. This was a referendum in which 1 in 4 young people voted to Leave, but this is a statistic all too often drowned out by hysteria from those who cry about the fact that people of my generation have had their ‘futures stolen’. But it isn’t just young Leave voters who these out-of-touch elites need to listen to. 

We have to listen to older voters too, like my Grandad for example.

After serving for a year-and-a-half in the Korean War, alongside Americans, Australians and Ghurkhas, against the tyranny of communism, he spent twenty-eight gruelling years down the pit. 

For his whole life, he suffered from severe arthritis, and respiratory problems because of it all, to provide for his five wonderful kids.Now, Grandad voted leave. A very bloody-wise man, and nothing angers me more than the idea that my self-obsessed, self-pitying and entitled generation should have more of a say in the future of our nation than people like my Grandad. It was his hard work that ensured an easier lot for the next generation and whose sacrifice abroad freed millions from a tyrannical regime.

My Grandad sadly passed away, just two months ago. But, before he passed away – and remember he’s a miner and a trade unionist, voted Labour all his life, tribally – he voted Conservative in 2017

He pulled me to one side and said “Darren, I’ve got something to tell ye,” and I thought “bloody hell, what’s this going to be”, and he said “I’m going to back her” .

I said “who’s her, Grandad?” 

“I’m gonna vote for her”. 

“Grandad you’re going to have to elaborate, I don’t know who you’re talking about”.

“I’m going to vote for Theresa.” 

And I nearly fell down backwards. 

But that’s exactly why this Conservative Government MUST accept that its electoral success depends on the votes of people like my Grandad. This Conservative Government MUST implement the result of the referendum. This Conservative Government MUST listen to the 17.4 million people who voted leave to take back control of our borders, our money and our laws.

That’s why it is time for all of us – at this critical moment in the history of this great nation – to believe in ourselves, to believe in each other, and to believe in our democracy. People around the world believe passionately in Britain. It’s bloody well time we shared their confidence.

Darren Grimes delivered this speech at the Brexit Central Rally at Conservative Party Conference 2018 in Birmingham this week. To view the video go here.

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