Enough is Enough! This Saturday it's time for Cake & Liberty

Enough is Enough! This Saturday it's time for Cake & Liberty

by Helen Gray
article from Tuesday 16, March, 2021

I CAN'T 'stay safe at home' any longer. Not while our kids' education is a sick joke, my friends are losing their jobs, their businesses, hard earned savings and everything they've worked for. I can't do nothing as the inequality gap widens to an impassable abyss, as people spiral into addiction and depression. I can't stay silent as our parents and grandparents drown in loneliness and suffer through untreated illnesses, for a virus that is 99.6 per cent survivable and where the average age of death is 81.

'Just three weeks' 'Just one last push' 'Just a little bit longer' 'Just until we have a vaccine'. It's a been a year. Protect the ill and the old and let everyone else get on with our lives.

Because when the high tide of furlough money recedes it's going to reveal the most terrifying wreckage of childhoods, lives and businesses broken on the sand. And every day that we are in restrictions makes it worse.

We are human beings, not disease vectors, and we need connection. For a whole year we have been taught to fear each other - to physically shun each other, to recoil from the air that we breathe. I shudder to think of how we can recover - how our kids can recover - from this onslaught of mental conditioning of mistrust. Enough.

I'm not going on any mass marches and I don't give a damn about anyone's views on vaccines, vaccine passports, testing or Resets.

So I've come up with this corny little idea that we can do in our own towns and villages, to make a stand for liberty and to spread a little colour, cake and happiness, and reconnect with our neighbours. 

On Saturday 20th March, 11am to noon, in towns and villages all over Scotland and the UK, a series of mini-protests with a difference will take place. Under the umbrella name Cake and Liberty, colourfully dressed participants will take their daily exercise walking around their town square or village centre, offering free cakes and warm smiles to passers by. People may show their support by wearing a bright colours and walking through their town centre during the hour, and those who prefer may bring their own cake to eat it in solidarity.

Short, small, peaceful & family-friendly events in daylight will be both safest and have potential for greatest impact from smallest number of people.

60 people in one location would be insignificant (& quickly shut down) in Edinburgh or London; but 2 or 3 people simultaneously in 20 locations over the country can send a strong message while staying within the law.

More info here: www.cakeandliberty.org

If you're feeling helpless and want to do something too - join me. For anyone who is interested there's a FB group you can join:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/cakeandliberty

I want our liberty back. Taking it away did bugger all to stop the toll of Covid and we must NEVER allow it to be taken from us again.

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Helen Gray lives in St Andrews, Fife.


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