Meghan’s truth?   She’s classic Leo!

Meghan’s truth? She’s classic Leo!

by Gail MacDonald
article from Friday 12, March, 2021

ROYALS! RACISM! Woman!  Mental Health! Diana!  Talk about bang for your buck.  But there’s one more issue that should be added.  Star signs!  Meghan is a Leo.  And boy, what a Leo she is.    

As a fellow Leo, I feel a duty to point out that it’s her Leo-ness that’s brought us to where we are.  As’s resident astrologer tells us, ‘Leos need to be appreciated, loved and adored’.  He should have added ‘more than anyone else’.  It’s not enough for Leos to have attention, they need for you to have none.    We Leos don’t like to play second fiddle to anyone.    

Of course, no one sympathises.  ‘Oh you’re so vain, you’re so self-centred’. That hurts us Leos.  

Meghan chose television acting as a career.  She likes being on TV – which any self-respecting Leo would applaud.     A television actress is an ideal starter job for Leos because they like to see themselves on TV, have others see them on TV, talk about themselves on TV, and have others talk about them on TV.    

But that was just the start.  I am with you Meghan, I see you.  Let’s go back and remember.  A blind date set up by your friend. (Your friend who is friendly with that prince).  All that Leo energy mixed with destiny and you get signed up for the big league.   The fairytale begins. 

Now you knew, sort of, that your Prince had an older brother Prince.  And that’s not (as you thought) a small thing.  Your prince isn’t the Prince.  You thought that all princes were equal but no, turns out, life is darned unfair.  Just because some brother was born first means that he’s the special Prince and the one that gets to be King.   Imagine the damage to a Leo ego.  It’s easy for non-Leos to mock, but imagine the real a sense of fear, or loss when someone else wins.  You need to win first prize and in this new world, Meghan, you couldn’t win.   

You try and console yourself.  After all, your Prince is definitely a Prince.  But your Leo voice keeps on at you.  You are not centre of the room.  And worse, there’s your competition.   The one with the special Prince.  Kate who, one day will be Queen, stealing your spotlight in all her smiley royal lankiness, tasteful photoshoots and great dresses.  She’s your competition.  And she’s winning.  And the deck is stacked in her favour.  Now see that hurts.  It hurts a lot.  And your eyes open to what exactly you’ve not won.  You are a support act.  And Leos don’t do well being supporting players. 

The future is suddenly beginning to look bleak.  You have to take second place, literally stand behind Kate.  If you are in a room with her, she’s the one that will get all the attention.  You’ll have to curtsey, reduced to a walk on part.  You’re not the Little Mermaid but one of her random sisters.    A mere footnote.  This is inhumane for Leos.  

Think, think, think.  You need your own kingdom to put everyone on a level playing field. Queen of Canada?  Wouldn’t hurt, but it’s Canada, a lesser country for a lesser royal.  That inner voice, lesser means loser.   A Queen of Hearts maybe ?  For a Leo that’s like sackcloth and ashes.  It means nothing. Time to re-position.  You can’t win here in the UK.  But you can go home.  In that world you could win.  No one would be more royal than you in Los Angeles.  You get your confidence back.  You draw the crowd. Let the fun begin.    

The wonder of Meghan is that in the world of massive egos she is indeed queen.  She has the diabolic mind of a Leo who genuinely thinks that the rest of the world could only understand her experience through lockdown.  But we can’t mock her.  It’s the experience of a woman cursed at birth who can’t help it.  Us Leos are cursed.  Now I have learnt what my life would have been if I had married a prince.  Its would simply never have been enough.   The ego, the desperation, the need.    

Thank you Meghan.  And I hope you are okay. 

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Gail MacDonald is from the west coast of Scotland. She studied at Nottingham and has been a professional psychologist and writer for over twenty years working in both public and private sectors. Views expressed here are personal.

By Terry Kearney from Liverpool – HM The Queen and Duchess of Sussex, CC0,

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