The Mummy Diaries – Theme nights, Valentines & Jamie’s baking assistant!

The Mummy Diaries – Theme nights, Valentines & Jamie’s baking assistant!

by Emma Hargan
article from Friday 19, February, 2021

IT'S BEEN A week of nights in, fancy dinners, treats and pancakes. Joe Wicks is going to have to physically make an appearance and actually sew my mouth up if I’m to complete his ‘lean in 90 days plan’!


For the last few weeks, we have been planning for an online themed dinner night to relieve the monotony of lockdown. My youngest sister came up with the idea of hosting a dinner party over Zoom so that we all had something to look forward to and plan as we couldn’t actually visit each other. The theme she had picked was the movie Titanic. So, we each had to dress up as a character, design the dinner table/back drop, make a trailer movie and then she would send us the menu for the dinner… 

Sorry Joe! My healthy eating was about to go out of the window for an evening but if you can’t have a treat every now and again then what’s the point?!

So after weeks of ordering costumes/wigs off Amazon and trying to figure out where the heck we were going to get oysters from in the middle of a lockdown, the 13th arrived and I was so excited at an evening spent amongst a group of adults, some nice food and plenty of drinks and laughs. At first, we were worried it might be strange getting dressed up and trying to have an evening over Zoom but actually it was honestly like everyone was in the same room. After the five food courses, a movie quiz game and then the scoring of who had best costume, best trailer etc, we then had to roll a dice to see who was going to host the next themed dinner party. It landed on my other sister, who announced her theme is going to be Back to the Future. Cue the Marty and Doc outfits on Amazon! Our postman is going to think we’ve lost the plot completely! Then followed more drinks, more laughs and we got to 2.30am before we had to call it a night as Jamie and Lily would likely be up at half six. 

And guess what?! Yep! Jamie and Lily were up at half six! And just as I thought my life was over and my brain was going to explode at the very thought of lifting my head off the pillow..

“You have a nice long lie and I’ll take them downstairs. Happy Valentines!” Said James.

What a superstar. THE best valentines present ever – a lie in with the whole bed to myself!

10.30am – Valentines Day. I opened my eyes and honestly thought I was either still dreaming or James had murdered the kids. It was so quiet. 

I arrived downstairs to find Jamie and Lily happily playing together doing a jigsaw puzzle on the floor and James lying dozing on the sofa! I know I shouldn’t complain because I got a long lie but typical!! They would NEVER let me lie on the couch for 30 seconds and play nicely together. I was glad at the same time as James must have been wrecked. Maybe the kids knew that and were taking it easy on him? Ha! Then sitting on the kitchen table was a single red rose, a box of chocolates and a valentine’s card. 

Smooth James. Smoo-ooth.

Now I’m usually the one that remembers these things and James is frantically making a hasty escape up to the local shop to buy anything resembling a valentine’s card. But with all the organising of the theme night, I had completely forgotten about it all! Whoops! Luckily, I managed to redeem myself when I said I hadn’t time to get a card but I was treating us to a nice takeaway dinner once the kids were sleeping later.

Fox. Ache. Disaster averted.

That evening was a rare and lovely treat! We got the kids down to bed, James nipped out for he takeaway and we sat and had a great dinner and a few drinks – sorry again Joe! Well it was Valentines!

The following morning James left for work as usual and the kids were sat down at the table having breakfast when the door bell went. Our poor postman that gets interrogated every time I open the door by two little halflings.

“Hi! What’s that?”

“Where are you going now?”

“Do you have any presents for us?”

“Can we have a go in the van?”

All these questions are usually fired at him before he gets a chance to answer, while throwing a parcel through the door and escaping any more questions.

“What’s that mummy?” Jamie asked.

“Hold on, let me open it first.” I replied.

It was a parcel from Granny and Gramps.

“Yeeeeeeeah!” They both cheered. They knew rightly that it was a box full of treats and goodies as Granny can’t see them at the moment so it’s death by chocolate through the post! That and a couple of tops for them. Brilliant! That will keep them busy for a bit.

The following day was Pancake Tuesday and what else were we going to do?! (Sorry again Joe.) Now usually when we cook or do baking, Lily will join in for the first ten minutes or so and then she gets distracted by something else. Much to Jamie’s delight as he’s then happy to finish the baking and lick the spoons and the bowls. They both got their aprons and hats on, washed their hands and started putting together the bowls, spoons and scales on the table while I got the ingredients together.

We started measuring everything into the bowl and Lily was beginning to drift off towards the living room.

“Lily, come here and help with this?” I asked.

Lily carried on walking away.

“Lil?” Jamie asked. She turned around. “Come here and hold this spoon please?”

And just like that, Lily was over like a shot to help Jamie. Jamie kept keeping Lily involved in the whisking and the pouring and Lily was loving it. Jamie was loving having an ‘assistant’ that was happy to be commanded about. And apart from having to do the actual frying of the pancakes and do the tidying up – I was obsolete. 

It was lovely to watch!

And that’s been our week in lockdown again but I would definitely recommend for everyone to try a themed dinner night. It was great fun doing all the planning and getting dressed up for one night. It was so nice to just forget about being in lockdown for a few hours where it actually felt like we were all together again. I have my theme night idea but I’ll keep that to myself for now! We’ve had dinner parties, valentine’s dinner and chocolates and pancake Tuesday. All good this week and the only thing that suffered is my waist line.

Sorry Joe - Will get back at it next week!

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