The Mummy Diaries – Bye bye nappies & dodo’s! Can we have Christmas again please?

The Mummy Diaries – Bye bye nappies & dodo’s! Can we have Christmas again please?

by Emma Hargan
article from Wednesday 27, January, 2021

I’M SO HAPPY to report the toilet training has been going amazingly well. Lily is now telling me when she needs to go and while we have the odd accident when we don’t make it in time, in general, she’s flying. The dodo fairy has also done her job brilliantly and while Lily forgot at the beginning and was asking for a dodo at bedtime, I had to remind her that she was a big girl now and go through the story again. After the initial response of, “Mummy I hate that fairy” Lily would have a scowl and a whinge, roll over and go to sleep.

Result, right?

Well yes. But it hasn’t all been plain sailing this past week. In fact, it been one of those weeks. Usually we would normally have one or two days in the week when either Jamie or Lily or both were tired or out of sorts and grumpy and whingy. That’s normal. This week though, they have done nothing but fight, moan and roar at each other from the minute they open their eyes in the morning until bedtime. The only respite is when Lily goes for a nap in the afternoon – but that doesn’t happen too often, which makes the lockdown days longer and harder than ever.

By Wednesday, I was ready to crack-up but I told myself, like every other phase kids go through, this storm shall pass. I just have to grin and bear it and to be honest, I’m surprised we’ve actually got this far with everything going on. I can barely get my head around the logic and reasoning behind these crazy times we are living in, never mind what the kids must be thinking. Fortunately they’re not too aware what they are missing out on, but I’ve still had to pick my battles. My neighbours must already think they are living next door to Foghorn Leghorn but I didn’t want to add to the roaring and the chaos that was happening anyway and I didn’t want Jamie or Lily spending eight hours of the day sitting on the naughty step either.

So what to do?

My solution to everything. Keep them as busy as possible. It doesn’t always work but it usually buys me more peace than normal. Plus it makes the day go in quicker for me and hopefully for them as well.

So we got the baking books out, the Playdoh, the crayons and then I pulled the big guns out of the bag for the seriously bad day – the paint and brushes. Yep we’ve done it all this week. Most of the time, it seemed to have worked and restored some peace and quiet back into the house. For ten minutes at least! That was until Jamie told Lily that her Playdoh pizza “looked like poop” and Lily told Jamie that his painted picture of a rainbow was “rubbish!”

Fox. Ache.

Lily is also going through the ‘why?’ phase at the moment as well. You know the one..

“Why do I need to wear socks Mummy?”

“Why is this water so wet Mummy?”

“Why can’t I have ice cream for dinner Mummy?”

“Why is Jamie so annoying Mummy?”

“Why has Jamie a different pee pee to Lily Mummy?”

My response to all of the above is always “Because you just do!” 

“Because it just is!” 

“Because it’s not good for you!”

“Because we are all annoying sometimes!”

“Err, ask your Daddy!”

The best one this we, though, was definitely when she appeared at my side with a Christmas elf hairband on and asked me, “Mummy can we do Christmas again today. please?”

I tried to let her down as easy as I could by explaining that Santa and the elves aren’t ready yet and that we need to be very good all year so we can get presents at Christmas time. 

Lily’s response was, “Okay Mummy, can we just put the Christmas tree and the Christmas doughnut (meaning the Christmas wreath) back up today then?”

There was no easy way of saying this. “No Lil, it’s not Christmas time.”

Cue the next melt down of the week. I did manage to calm her down by finding a middle ground of agreeing to listen to Jingle Bells on Alexa all afternoon. In all honesty, I’m not sure what was worse!

Saturday morning. I opened my eyes and I could hear the commotion starting already over a red car. Jamie had an entire box of cars. But both Jamie and Lily wanted the only red car in the box. 

“Groundhog Day again.” I said to James. “I’m running out of things to do with them to keep them from killing each other!”

And just as I was about to roll over and put the pillow over my head, a small miracle happened.  

“Hey it’s been snowing.” Said James.

“Oh really?” I asked with anticipation.

I looked outside and there was a decent blanket of snow over everything.

“Jamie! Lily! Come here to see this!” I said excitedly. 

All went quiet, apart from the thunder of footsteps racing through the hall.

“What Mummy?” Jamie asked.

“Look outside.” I replied.

After the initial oohing and ahhhing, Jamie put his arm around Lily. “Come on Lil, let’s go and get your wellies and hat on.” He said.

Saturday and Sunday were then spent going for walks, having snowball fights, making snow angels and playing in the garden.

If nothing else, all these lockdowns have made me grateful for the small mercies we get and to enjoy them while we can. I think I had just as much fun in the snow as the kids did and got my two days of respite that I needed. How you guys that are managing the home schooling is beyond me – I salute you all!

Right, another week in lockdown. Let’s be having ya!


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