The Mummy Diaries – Fine Dining, memorable pictures and what would you do without me?

The Mummy Diaries – Fine Dining, memorable pictures and what would you do without me?

by Emma Hargan
article from Saturday 10, October, 2020

HI PEEPS! Another week, another blog. Even though it’s been a pretty rough year, the weeks seem to be flying in at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s because we are settling down to a new routine of the new ‘normal’ with level 3, erm level 4, err what lockdown are we in exactly? 

Is it just me or is it every time I switch on the news, I end up more confused?

I haven’t a bloody clue what’s going on at the moment, although my ears did prick up when I heard on the radio, the possibility of reducing the opening hours of all off licences’ in order to stop house parties. I mean WTF!! Yeah, I’m all for reducing the spread and stopping this awful virus but the government really need to take into consideration all the parents. I mean we NEED the off licence to be widely available and frankly, I feel this is just a step too far. 

So how’s everyone doing this week?

Hanging in there?



Well, I decided that this week, I would venture into the world of fine dining and according to Jamie Oliver, It’s as easy as his meals in 15 minutes! I kept seeing this ad on my Facebook news feed about how easy it was to change your eating habits and it actually took no more time to make than cooking the usual dinners. Sounds too good to be true to be honest, but I thought hmmm, it might be nice to learn a thing or two about cooking anything other than mac and cheese or frozen pizza and chips. 

Monday morning.  

After I got the kids dressed and the usual chores of washing machine on, hoovering, dishes washed, I would usually take something out of the freezer to defrost for dinner. Right, Jamie Oliver’s fine dining here we go. Now I know what you’re thinking. Do I not need to go out and buy some fillet steak? Some mange tout? Some cous cous? Well, no. According to Mr Oliver, we can create fine dining dinners from what we have in our cupboards. After scrolling through the list of recipes, I found Mixed Bean in tomato jus with flatbreads. 

That’ll do!

So, with me spending all of 10 minutes on the laptop, the kids were ready to kill each other fighting. Think, think, think! 

‘Hey guys, will we draw some pictures and then we can post them to Granny?’ I asked.

‘Yeeeeeeaaaah!’ They shouted in unison.

Brilliant. Another 20 minutes at least of getting jobs done and peace.

After getting the kids settled at the table with paper and colouring pens, I set about trying to get some work done. We actually made it to 30 minutes before someone said they needed a snack for the fifth time that morning.

“Mummy? Can I have a banana please?” Jamie asks.

“No Jamie, you’ve already had a banana.. and a pear.. and rice crispies.. and a cheese string.” I replied.

It was only 10.30am.

“You can have a handful of raisins and that’s it until lunch.” I said.

“Okay!” Shouts Jamie.

“Lily have some!” Roars Lily in a panic thinking she’s going to miss out.

“Okay Lil, you can have some too.”

After getting them sorted with their raisins. I glanced down at the visual masterpieces that my little delights had created.. 

Fox. Ache. I didn’t even bother asking who that was. (Clue, it’s not Daddy!)

Well we won’t be sending that one to Granny! Maybe I should start being more specific with what they should draw in future.

After lunch, I got Lily upstairs for her nap, while getting Jamie occupied with some Lego.  I sat down and looked at my ‘To Do’ list for the day, realising that it would be an actual miracle if I remembered to do all this stuff, never mind actually get it done.

This got me thinking. As mummies, the number of things we have to remember to do is unreal! I mean, we are basically the heart of the house. If we stop working or forget to do things, then it all falls apart. Today’s list for example..

  • Change beds 
  • Hoover downstairs 
  • Post parcel 
  • Pay bills online 
  • Write article 
  • Do shopping list 
  • Make work call 
  • Do work 
  • Washing 

I mean seriously? And then I feel like a total failure when I can’t get it all done. I’m setting myself up for failure before I even start when I look at this.

Us mummies are machines. Even our husbands/partners might not always acknowledge it, but they KNOW it.

“I’ve folded your work clothes out on the bed and your lunch is in the fridge ok, oh and by the way, I’m making mixed bean in tomato jus with flatbreads for dinner?” I say.

“Jes, you didn’t have to do that, I can do things for myself. Wow that sounds great for dinner” Himself replies.

Six minutes later…

“Hey, do you know where my belt and hat are?”

My point exactly.

So, that evening I set about making my mixed beans in tomato jus with Flatbreads from the fine dining recipe, wondering how the heck I was going to make this culinary delight with just the ingredients I had in the cupboard?

But not to worry! According to Mr Oliver, we can make this using substitutes we have in the cupboard.

15 minutes and my culinary creation later..

If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is! 

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