The Walking Monster, Omlettes and Ice cream

The Walking Monster, Omlettes and Ice cream

by Jackie Anderson
article from Tuesday 10, March, 2020

EMMA AND JAMES are on a wee break, so for the last five days granny and gramps have been substitute mummy and daddy. I’m sitting here typing with every bone in my body aching and feeling every year of my 62 years, but wouldn’t change a second of it. How, I ask myself, did I manage my own three girls ? 

We arrived late afternoon last Tuesday to lots of hugs and kisses from Lily and Jamie and the night went smoothly with mummy and daddy still doing their bit as they were leaving the following day .

First day was an eye opener having to get the kiddie-winkies fed, washed, teeth done, hair done and dressed by 9am for the walk to Jamie’s nursery. Just minutes before leaving granny had to dash upstairs and throw some clothes on, no shower for me... walking to nursery brought back lovely memories of many years ago with my three, but I couldn’t believe how many mummies have cars now! I walked my lot through wind, rain and snow as I didn’t drive then, and even if I did, a second car was unaffordable to me in the 80’s. Jamie loves his nursery and he went in without a backward glance although blew me kisses from the window, ahhh!

Having pushed Lily all the way to nursery in her pushchair for fifteen minutes I decided in a moment of madness that it would be good for her to walk home and at that moment created the Walking Monster! 

At twenty months she walked quicker than her big brother and loved it but the tantrum when we reached home and the walking was over had to be seen to be believed. Food was, as usual, the only pacifier and after a pancake and milk she was back on form. Of course every trip there and back since has had the same scenario – but by day five when it was pouring with rain and we had to use the car she had a meltdown. This little problem of wanting to walk everywhere is best left to her mummy when she gets back methinks.

You would expect by day five I would be better organised but getting myself as well as the kids ready for 9am seems to be beyond me. Every day by the time Lily went for her morning nap the place looked like it had been burgled as there were toys everywhere so, after a clean-up , washing on , Hoover, and floors washed there was just enough time to throw myself into the shower before the walk back up to play school. To think I actually brought makeup with me which hasn’t seen the light of day and with all the lovely offers of help from Emma’s neighbours and friends I reckon I must have looked like I was on my last legs.

Lily is a right wee tomboy climbing on everything, copying her big brother of course. She has the most beautiful smile and has definitely been here before! She adores her gramps and is always waving, saying “Hi gramps” and asking for cuddles, which of course he can’t resist. Her favourite word is “NO” and when you can smell her nappy from three blocks away she will still look you in the eye and say “no” when asked if she needs changed. Jamie is a granny’s boy and tells me long stories about his morning at nursery and draws pictures for me; he’s a wee softie and gets upset when Lily is crying. At three years old he can count to a hundred, recite the alphabet and loves building towers with his play blocks; he’s a clever wee thing .

A trip to Asda is always a winner for this two so on Friday afternoon off we went.

“Upstairs!” Jamie demanded and to keep them happy that’s what we did. A dress and a new tee shirt later Lily points to where the books were and two story books were added to the growing pile (there can never be enough books says Gramps). That was my budget blown before I’d got near the food. “Downstairs for crispies?” says Jamie. This is where gramps tried to stand his ground and say no, needless to say two orange faces appeared with us at the check-out after demolishing a packet of Wotsits each. I would never have done this or been so soft with their mummy when she was little, but being a granny makes you as soft as putty.

Hubby suggested letting them help with making omelettes for tea and boy he earned his gramps badge, with as much cheese and ham going in their mouths as in the omelettes. The bonus was they ate the omelettes with relish, even if they looked like scrambled eggs in the end. Of course for afters they asked for the ice cream which they had chosen in Asda – a sort of disgusting green and pink concoction which they absolutely loved. Two bowls later and no doubt full of Es and additives (Oh God, mummy would have a fit but let’s not tell her ) it was now bath time. 

As both are real water babies having their bath is their favourite time of the day. Getting them out is no mean measure but I just kept thinking in a few minutes they will be sleeping and that glass of wine for medicinal purposes will slide down a treat. Every night so far they have slept well (hope I’m not jinxing tonight?) 

Saturday we took them swimming and they loved it but how the hell do you undress two toddlers without them absconding – while not letting them see a half-naked granny trying to pour herself into a swimming costume she’s not had on in a while and must have shrunk in the wash? Actually, getting dressed was worse, as I had bought a packet of Wotsits with me to keep them occupied as I got out of my costume as quickly as I could and half wet I’m trying to dress with two pairs of eyes on me. I bet wee Lily was thinking ‘I’m never going to let myself look like that’! 

Sunday we took them for lunch at a restaurant called Backstage, the staff there couldn’t have been nicer and on hearing gramps order half-a-pint Jamie turned and said, “I will have half-a-pint!” They were so good and munched their way through fish and chips and ice cream (they have actually had ice cream most days, another wee problem I will leave for mummy to sort out...) 

We had many more outings and meals together – and more cooking – making pizza and fruit scones! We have had such laughs and every toy has been in and out the toybox every day, and to say they have us wrapped round their wee fingers would be an understatement. We have gone to bed by 10pm most nights absolutely shattered; my book unread since arrival. But if I hear Baby Shark one more time…

Mummy and daddy come back tomorrow so would we do it again? Absolutely! 

Photo, Granny enjoying Baby Shark with the grandchildren…



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