Mummy’s juice, cuteness overload and lollypops

Mummy’s juice, cuteness overload and lollypops

by Emma Hargan
article from Thursday 5, December, 2019

The Mummy Diaries: One baby, one threenager – Week 18

IT’S BEGINNING to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s only three weeks.

It’s only 20 days.

It’s only 480 hours. Excited? Yup. Panic mode? Most definitely!

I say it every, single year. ‘Next year I’m going to start early and be super organised.’ But it never happens. And of course, this year will be no exception!

So here we are now at the start of December and all the houses in our estate have their Christmas trees up and decorated, with wreaths on the door, lights around the windows and ‘Santa Stop Here!’ signs at the front door. I’m not one of these people who puts the Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween but B.C. (Before Children) I usually couldn’t wait any longer than the beginning of December before we got the tree up and the house is all Christmassy! Changed days now!

This week we have the usual viral childhood diseases and our usual monthly visit to the doctor’s surgery. I’ve got to know the doctor so well, that I’m expecting an invite to the GP Surgery Christmas party this year! My sister is also over to visit and has been popping chewable vitamins like smarties for the last 3 weeks to boost her immune system in preparation of being coughed directly into the eyeballs by a three-year-old. The kids have been so excited to see Katy and then they were even more excited when she landed with a bag of toys for them.

“What are you doing getting them toys just now, it’s so close to Christmas, why don’t you wrap them and they can have them on the big day?” I said.

“Aww no! I don’t see them that often, I have their Christmas pressies sorted. Jamie needs to open this one now anyway. It’s a pre-Christmas pressie!”

“You have them ruined!” I replied.

Jamie and Lily got stuck into the bag and then I understood why they needed to open the present now. It was an Elf on the Shelf gift pack.

Jamie’s face lit up! Lily started jumping up and down with no idea of what was going on but was super excited anyway. Katy took the book out of the gift box and Jamie and Lily perched themselves on the couch.

“Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin…”

“Have you ever wondered how Santa could know if you’re naughty or nice each year as you grow? For hundreds of years it’s been a big secret…” Katy began to read.

I sat watching the two of them staring at Katy and listening intently to every word. Now, Lily is too young to understand but was just enjoying listening to Katy telling the story. Jamie on the other hand was totally getting into the story and then it was like the penny dropped for Jamie and for me! Jamie was staring at Elf, wanting to pick him up but knew he couldn’t because he is magic and everyone knows that you can’t touch an elf or he’ll lose a bit of his magic. And me? Well I couldn’t imagine anything better than being a kid at Christmas. It’s the most amazing and exciting experience ever, right?

Well, here’s another secret… watching your kids experience Christmas is actually better!

Next up its lists, lists and more lists. The kids list, the family list, the food list, the husband list and the decorations list. I still had time to do everything but with Katy being over to stay, James was more than happy to step aside and let us put the tree and the decorations up. It’s a family tradition in our house to put the Christmas tunes on and like a scene out of The Walton’s, each of us take turns in putting the baubles on the tree and singing along to the songs. In reality, in the Hargan household, it was more like a scene out of ‘Gremlins’ where Jamie and Lily were eating all the chocolate decorations, throwing the baubles across the room at each other and trying to pull the tree over. Ah those lovely memorable Christmas moments. Those moments when you need a wee glass of wine. At which point I offered Katy a glass of wine or as my son calls it, “Mummy’s juice”! Anything to make the experience more magical and less stressful.

I bet Santa doesn’t have to put up with this!

So, with the Christmas decorations up and the lists prepared, it’s all about diversion. How do you keep a three-year-old and an 18-month-old away from a fully decorated Christmas tree? The answer.. with great difficulty and distraction. So thankfully the next day, Katy was taking us out for lunch.

I was glad to be spending a bit of time out of the house after Jamie and Lily were getting over the previous sick spell. I’m always slightly anxious at taking them out as you never how they are going to behave but to say I was pleasantly surprised on this occasion would be an understatement. As you all know from my previous blogs, I have spent a lot of time worrying about Jamie’s speech progress and been through various therapy sessions in an attempt to encourage his speech or determine if there are any other issues. Little did I know, all I had to do was take him to our local restaurant where Jamie was more than happy to show off his new-found skills. Katy, the kids and me sat at the table and started looking at the menus. Straight away, Jamie announced he wanted fish fingers, beans and chips. Lily’s eyes lit up at this so the kids were sorted. The waiter appeared and took our order and offered Jamie a box of crayons to keep him busy while we waited on our food. At which point, Jamie looked up at the waiter and said, “Fank you wery much!” The waiter smiled and replied, “You’re very welcome.” Katy nearly passed out with cuteness overload.

While we were waiting on the food to arrive, it was just a case of keeping Jamie and Lily occupied. I started drawing shapes on a piece of paper for Jamie to triumphantly name, while Lily was continually asking Katy to do high fives.

“Okay Jamie, what’s this?”, I asked.

“A Square.” Jamie replied.

“Ah huh” I nodded.

“What’s this?” I asked.


“Yip” I agreed.  “And this?”




‘What about this?’

“A Trapezoid.”

“What the hell is a trapezoid?” Katy asked.

“That’s a trapezoid”, I showed her. Not really knowing myself, while Jamie is all smug and smiling. Katy is sitting gobsmacked and Lily decides to ask the passing waiter for a high five in the middle of it all.

At the end of the meal, Katy and Jamie headed over to the bar to get the bill. Then, while Lily and I were making some kind of attempt at clearing up the devastation on the table, I heard the waiter say, “I was listening to you naming all the shapes, you did brilliant!”

“That deserves a lollypop for sure” and he handed Jamie a lollypop. At which point Lily started whinging as she wanted one too. Seeing this the waiter handed Lily a lollypop as well and the two of them were as proud as punch leaving the restaurant – as was I.

That evening after James got home, Katy and I were telling him how well the kids got on while we were out and how Jamie is amazing at learning his shapes and chatting. This was until Lily took one of Jamie’s jigsaw pieces that he was working on and ran off. All hell broke loose as Jamie screamed and launched the puzzle across the room which hit the Elf on the shelf off the mantlepiece and he fell to the floor.

“Aw you’ve done it now!” I said. “Elf’s going to tell Santa you’re going on the naughty list if you don’t behave!”

Jamie then runs over and lifts Elf up and says, “Sorry Elf.”

“Here, have a glass of Mummy’s juice.” Katy says to me laughing.

“I think Elf is going to need a glass as well!” I replied.

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