The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 50

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 50

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 4, June, 2019

BEING A BABY is hard work! Especially when it comes to hitting milestones. It’s been literally blood, sweat and tears for our wee Lily this week. She has been crawling for a while now but the speed she can crawl is like something out of Fast and Furious. Lily has had to pick up speed to keep up with Jamie and so naturally, it is now driving her crazy that Jamie is whizzing past her at a rate of knots. So, the next stage for Lily is getting on her feet and that means practice, practice and more practice.

Jamie is now at that awkward stage where he’s chatting and some words make perfect sense but others sound like Chinese. Jamie’s hit all the milestones so far, except the speech. With Jamie now almost three years old, if we’re going by the book, he should be speaking in full sentences and asking questions. He is speaking, but at the moment it’s usually one-word questions when he wants something. For example, he’ll say “juice?” or “outside?” or “pee pee!” The nurse explained to me that Jamie by this stage should be saying, “Can I have some juice please?” or “Can I go outside?” Or “I need to pee pee.” As a result, Jamie has now been referred for speech therapy. I have no idea what that involves or what to expect so naturally I spent the last week annoying myself about where I have gone wrong and sickening Jamie to death with book after book in an attempt to get him to chat more. Jamie, being the stubborn wee soul that he is, will not do anything on cue and when asked. He will do it in his own good time.

So as a result of Jamie not chatting, he’s getting frustrated when we don’t understand what he’s saying and this ends up in more melt downs and tearing about the house. Lily thinks this is hilarious when Jamie’s roaring his head off. That is until Jamie has had enough and then steals the toy she is playing with to get a reaction and just pushes everyone to the limit. At first, Lily would just sit and cry when Jamie did this. After a while, Lily knew Jamie was going to take her toy so she would hold on as tight as possible for as long as possible but it was no use. After that, she would leg it as fast as she could and crawl away from Jamie but he still caught her. I felt so sorry for her, I could see the frustration on her face. That was when I think the penny dropped. Lily knew she had to get on her feet and sort this big brother of her’s out!

Day One – Mission: Retrieve the toy back.

Lily is playing with her toys on the sitting room floor. Jamie comes over and takes her dolly. Lily screams. Jamie ignores her and carries the doll over to the coffee table where he finds his remote control car. He lays the dolly down on the table, lifts the car and disappears out into the hall to play. Lily then crawls over to the coffee table. She sits and analyses how she is going to get her dolly back. Lily then carefully balances up on her knees, starts to shake and then falls back on her bottom again. This goes on for the next half an hour until she gets fed up and goes back to playing with her other toys. After lunch, Lily spies the dolly sitting on top of the coffee table again. She crawls over and again persists with leaning up and balancing on her knees. She’s shaky at first but then, hey presto! She balances up, holds herself in enough time to grab her dolly. I, of course, burst into applause and make a huge fuss while Lily sits as proud as punch, smiling and Jamie comes running through to see what all the fuss was about. Mission: Retrieve the toy back - Complete

Day Two –Mission: Prevention of stealing the toy.

Lily and Jamie are in the kitchen having breakfast. Jamie is sitting at the table eating Cornflakes and Lily is in her highchair enjoying her Readybrek. Once finished, both look for a half of chopped up banana. The pair of them wolf the banana down so quick that I haven’t even had a chance to make myself a cup of coffee. I grab Lily’s peekaboo elephant and place it on her highchair to keep her busy while I get myself sorted. Jamie has access to every toy known to man but of course, I can see him eyeing up the elephant that Lily has. Like a jungle cat, he slowly moves towards the highchair but Lily spots him. With one eye on Jamie and one eye on her toy, she grabs on to the elephant tight. Jamie is just starting to reach up and then, without warning, Lily lets out this piercing scream so loud the neighbours would think there’s been a murder! Jamie freezes, his eyes like saucers, he panics and runs off. Lily looks up at me, smiles and then carries on playing with her peekaboo elephant. Mission: Prevention of stealing the toy - Complete.

Day Three – Mission: Acquiring the toy from Jamie.

Jamie is lying up on the sofa watching a bit of kids YouTube. Lily is playing with her toys on the floor when she notices a nice, red, shiny ball sitting next to Jamie. Lily sits up and I can see her analysing the situation. She quietly crawls over to the sofa. Lifts herself up on her knees and balances while reaching out for the ball. It’s too far. She falls back down on to her bottom. Lily then reaches up and grabs the edge of the sofa cushion and shakily lifts herself up while trying to find her feet. She’s almost there! Unfortunately, she is wearing socks and she slips on the wooden floor, falls down and bangs her wee face on the floor. 

Then silence. 

You know that awful silence that happens when they are crying so hard, they can’t even breath, let alone make a noise! I frantically race over to her and lift her just as she takes a breath in and lets out a piercing cry that makes Jamie upset as well. Lily lifted her head off my shoulder and that’s when I noticed the blood and the damage. She had bumped her top lip on her bottom front teeth and punctured her lip. I grabbed a cold cloth and pressed it on her lip to stop the bleeding and try and limit the swelling and this must have given her a bit of relief as the crying started to fade. Lily settled but the wee poppet’s lip was so swollen, she looked like she’d been in the ring with Mike Tyson! Mission:  Acquiring the toy from Jamie – Failed.

Day Four – Repeat mission: Acquiring the toy from Jamie.

The following day and thankfully the swelling on Lily’s lip had gone down and healed a good bit overnight. Kids are amazing that way. If I had given myself a fat lip, it would take me a week to heal because I’m old! Babies heal overnight. Despite what Lily had endured the day before, it had in no way prevented her from getting on with her mission of putting Jamie in his place. Jamie was in the hall playing with his train set. The red ball from yesterday was lying on the floor but she wasn’t one bit interested in that today. Jamie’s dancing Mickey Mouse was sitting on top of his toy kitchen and this was the point of interest today. Lily crawled over to the train set and Jamie was instantly annoyed as he thought Lily was going to lift a train. Jamie immediately collected up all his trains and legged it through to the sitting room before Lily had a chance to take anything. Little did he know that’s not what she was interested in. She made her way over to the toy kitchen and balanced up on her knees. She then pulled herself up on to her feet and reached for the Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, Jamie came running through and caught Lily taking his toy. He went over and quickly swiped the Mickey Mouse away. Before Lily had known what had happened, she fell to one side and hit her face on the wooden play cube lying on the floor.

Then the silence again.

I raced over again and decided enough was enough. Lily had fallen and scraped her cheek. I know that kids need to learn for themselves but I couldn’t sit back and let this go on as she was hurting herself. Mission: Acquiring the toy from Jamie – Failed.

Day Five – Repeat mission: Acquiring the toy from Jamie.

Lunchtime and Lily had finished her lunch before Jamie. I lifted Lily out of the highchair and put her down on the sitting room floor to play. Lily was happily playing with her dancing teddy when she noticed that Jamie’s Lego box was sitting on top of the coffee table. She crawled over to the table and glanced over at Jamie who was engrossed with the only thing that keeps Jamie engrossed. Food! Lily once again balanced up on her knees and went to reach for the box but it was too far. She fell back down on her bottom again. She spent a bit of time analysing the situation and I was pulled between lifting her away as I didn’t want her to hurt herself again or let her try. Lily put her two hands on the table and with sheer determination, pulled herself up onto her feet and pushed the box off the table and it crashed on to the floor, spilling the Lego everywhere. Lily fell to the floor and looked at what she had done, in shock, but smiled with instant pride. Jamie spun around at the noise and shouted, “Lily, no!”

In an instant, Mission: Acquiring the toy from Jamie – Complete.

And… “Lily, no!” counts as a sentence as well – doesn’t it?

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