The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 44

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 44

by Emma Hargan
article from Wednesday 24, April, 2019

HAPPY EASTER to you all! What a class weekend. Not only is it the only weekend of the year that it is totally acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner – but to actually gain a sun tan without having to leave the back garden was a bit of a bonus!

More progress and changes this week with Lily. She is now saying “Hiya!” and waving. She is still not crawling yet but she is now at the bum shuffling stage much to the annoyance of Jamie. Now that Lily is more on the move, she has decided that any toy that Jamie is playing with is much more fun and makes a bee-line for it. This of course resorts into a screaming match and me doing my ‘share’ speech for the umpteenth time in a day. 

Lily is now also in a forward-facing car seat as she has outgrown the first stage rear-facing seat. She is quite long so the top of her head was starting to appear over the top of her original seat. Bye-bye baby seat! Another slightly emotional moment getting rid of that – for me that is. Lily on the other hand is delighted to be facing forward and is loving being able to see everything and everyone. No more unsettled car journeys, we don’t hear a peep out of her now and I feel so much better being able to see the two of them if I’m in the car on my own.

So, with a new car seat comes a very large cardboard box. Jamie spotted this straight away and literally spent hours crawling in and out of it, putting toys in it and using it as a garage for his cars. All the toys we have in the house and not one of them has held his attention for this long. Lily of course misses nothing and is also wanting to play with the cardboard box so Jamie has spent most of the weekend moving the box from room to room – away from Lily. Poor Lily was putting in so much effort rolling and shuffling around so she could reach the box. Then as soon as she got there, Jamie was off with it like a shot and she was back to square one. This went on for two days and then I think Lily just admitted defeat and decided it just wasn’t worth the effort. Or so Jamie thought.

With the weather being fantastic, we decided to spend most of the weekend just chilling at the house and playing in the garden. Jamie absolutely loves the garden and would happily play out there in hail, rain or shine if I let him. With the bank holiday Monday being a scorcher, it was a case of shorts on, toys outside, blankets down on the grass for Lily, ice creams, remaining Easter eggs and soaking up the sun. Everybody happy.

Fifteen minutes later…

Jamie is over at the one bit of the garden he’s not allowed to be in. James’ trailer. Potential melt down about to happen when James spots a piece of pipe sitting in the trailer next to an old tennis ball. James lifts the pipe and sets one end of it upright on top of Jamie’s wee shute while leaving the other end on the grass at an angle. Jamie is not one bit impressed until he sees James put the tennis ball into the pipe and watches it roll down and out the other side onto the grass. There are bikes, trikes, shutes, see-saws, sandpit, balls and toys but nothing even comes close to being as exciting as a bit of old pipe and a tennis ball! When I tell you Jamie spent hours with this and was furious at having to go for his afternoon nap you will get the picture. 

James and I actually had a bit peace and quiet ourselves while Jamie and Lily both settled for their naps at the same time. We got to enjoy an hour or so relaxing in the sun without having to listen to re-runs of Baby Shark in the background. Bliss!

A couple of hours later and we’re all back outside in the garden. Lily is happily playing and pottering about on her blanket with her toys. Jamie is still playing with the ball and the pipe but in between times has decided to clear out his wee playhouse and was finding it great fun to climb in and out of the window instead of using the door – as you do! James was sitting on his iPad watching YouTube so I thought, everyone happy and occupied, I’ll lie on the blanket next to Lily for a few minutes and enjoy the sun. 

You know that feeling when you wake up startled as it feels like you’ve been asleep for hours? 

I frantically scanned the garden where I found Lily next to me playing, James on his iPad and Jamie doing a triple salco out of the window of his house. Phew! All was normal. I had nodded off for a few moments but it seemed like hours. Although on closer inspection, not all was what it seemed. Jamie was picking Daisies and Dandelions off the grass and making a nice wee collection in his house. As he walked past I noticed a yellow tinge on his chin. I carried on watching him and saw that he was picking the dandelions and then taking them into his house, biting the heads off them, chewing them up and then spitting them out. Lovely! 

“Oh my God – Jamie, don’t do that!” I roared.

“What’s he doing?” James asked.

“He’s chewing the flowers and then spitting them out!” I said, panicking.

“Oh it’ll not do him any harm”, James casually replied.

At this point, I turned and looked down at Lily who was now chewing on a fist full of grass.

“Oh no Lily! Stop!” I shouted. Lily then bursts into tears. I look up at James who is still casually chilling with the iPad. 

“I suppose eating grass will do her no harm will it?” I asked sarcastically.

“Jeez Emma, chill out will you? When we were kids, we ate muck and worms and all sorts and it never did us any harm,”  James says.

Hmmm, that’s debateable! I said to myself while cleaning the grass out of Lily’s mouth and then getting rid of all the pulled daisies and dandelions out of Jamie’s house.

Later that afternoon, the sun had disappeared behind the clouds and I decided to take Lily back inside as I didn’t want her to get a chill. Jamie was still happily running about the garden so James stayed out while, much to Lily’s delight, she was able to play with the cardboard box in peace. 

A while later, the boys came back in, so it was no surprise the relative calm that had been in the house resumed into full blown ruckus when Jamie spotted Lily playing in the box and had her dolly and rattle stored inside. Lily’s toys very quickly ricocheted out the box and Jamie whisked it off into the hall. Cue my ‘sharing’ speech again but I might as well have been talking to the wall. Bath and pyjama-time were called for.

That evening after we got the kids to bed, James came through to the kitchen asked if I wanted a drink and some Easter egg. I was thinking I bet that’s what most people are doing right now. Most people will be sitting on their sofas, watching a film, having a drink and eating Easter eggs. Oh nice!

What was I doing?

Dismantling a cardboard box and Googling the poison levels of dandelions, daisies and grass. You know, as you do.

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