The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 43

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 43

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 16, April, 2019

AFTER SPENDING the week being careful and consciously thinking about what I say before it blurts out of my mouth, I think we’ve managed to curb the swearing – thankfully! Jamie has now moved on to the more socially acceptable chat, like the ABC Song, counting to 20 and telling Lily to “Sssh!” A lot cuter and much less embarrassing than the ‘F’ word. 

This week has been more about Lily and another huge milestone conquered. She is now completely finished with her bottles and will only drink milk or juice out of the cup. She’s now managing three meals a day along with her wee snacks and is getting on fantastic. As a result of this, my kitchen now looks so bare as I have been able to get rid of the baby equipment. I have to say that I was a little emotional packing away the bottle-prepping machine and the steriliser. I can see her changing every day and the little baby that we brought home from hospital is now fading and is gradually turning into a gorgeous wee toddler with plenty of personality, smiles and well-able to hold her own when it comes to dealing with Jamie.

Lily is only 10-months-old but the craft and cleverness of things that she has picked up is actually quite scary. I need to make sure that I’m not reprimanding Jamie for stuff he hasn’t actually done. Lily has now worked out that if she squeals and then cries, Jamie will freak out and give her whatever toy he is holding and run off in a bid to get her to stop crying. If Jamie isn’t holding a toy, he will run through to the kitchen, grab her sippy-cup and fire it in her mouth for the peace to resume. If all else fails, Jamie will then hunt high and low until he finds her dummy and this usually quietens her down. 

In other words, Lily has now got Jamie wrapped around her finger! Jamie didn’t even acknowledge Lily’s existence at first, so it has taken a good eight months to get to the stage where he notices her. Another month to pester the life out of her and now the last month for Lily to become wise. The tables have now turned and Lily is ruling the roost. 

I was always feeling guilty as I felt I was spending half the day telling Jamie to be careful and gentle around Lily. Constantly telling him to share the toys, keep his feet down and stop running into her. 

That was up until last week.

 I was in the kitchen emptying the dishwasher and the kids were playing with the cushions and toys on the floor next door. I kept peering my head around the door just to make sure they were both still breathing. Jamie was singing Baby Shark and Lily was happily giggling away to her talking teddy. Great stuff, I could get on with a few jobs while they seemed content. Okay, so dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, washing on, clothes in the drier…. When I noticed the silence. Then Lily let out a shriek and started crying. My heart nearly sunk and I raced through to the sitting room where I found Lily sat on the cushions where I left her and Jamie looking all sheepish, standing at the door with one of Lily’s toys. 

“Jamie, what are you doing?” I said sternly, “Give that back to Lily, that’s naughty!”

Jamie looked up at me and burst into tears. He walked over to where Lily sat and handed her the toy.

“Good boy.” I said as I walked back through to the kitchen. “Now play nice.”

I carried on with the housework and I could hear Jamie still whimpering and Lily was back to giggling away. While putting the breakfast cereal away in the cupboard, I stepped back and nearly fell all my length on a remote-control car lying in the middle of the floor.

“For ffffffff, err, goodness sake!” I roared.

I lifted the car and a few other toys that were lying about and went into the living room to put them back into the toybox. Lily had her back to me and Jamie was sitting next to her playing with his toys. I thought this would be a lovely ‘rare’ moment to catch a photo on my phone of the two of them playing together. As I went into my pocket to grab the phone I noticed Lily had passed her talking teddy to Jamie. Jamie took it from her and pressed the button for the singing to start and Lily started shrieking at the top of her lungs. Jamie totally freaked, dropped the teddy and headed for the door where he saw me standing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Poor Jamie was being set up and Lily was enjoying  getting the attention. 

Jamie stood frozen as I think he was expecting me to start shouting at him. Instead, I crouched down on my knee and put my arms out to him. Jamie came racing over for a cuddle and I lifted him up and said, “Don’t you worry, you didn’t do anything wrong, I’m sorry for shouting at you.”

Meanwhile Lily is sitting watching all of this and then grabs her teddy again and starts giggling. I took the teddy off her and said, “No Lily that’s naughty, you need to share.” Now I know Lily is way too young to understand what I’m saying but it was more for Jamie’s benefit than anything else. I wanted him to understand that it’s not always him that’s at fault. Of course Lily started crying and Jamie was standing all smug and happy with himself as Lily was in trouble. I gave the teddy back to Lily and the house reverted back to calm again. Well, at least for the next five minutes.

It was then I realised I needed to keep on my toes and up my game as the rules have now changed. This is another new territory where yet again I’m being tested by the baby, but this time, so is Jamie. At this point, I decided I can’t really leave the two of them alone together for more than a minute, as I don’t know who is annoying who and at fault. I pulled the washing basket through to the sitting room and began to sort out the clothes whilst keeping an eye on the kids. All was fine and relatively calm so I thought it would be safe enough to run quickly upstairs, throw the pile of folded clothes on the bed and race back down again before any dramas. Wrong!

I literally got to the top step and heard Lily squealing the place down. I threw the clothes into our room and raced down the stairs. I burst into the sitting room to find Lily sitting where I left her with Jamie’s car in her hand and Jamie sat beside her. They both looked up at me and Jamie said, “Ssssh Lily!” Immediately Lily stopped crying and passed Jamie back the car. 

The thing I’ve learned from this? Let them sort it out themselves. As long as they aren’t hurting each other, they need to learn to understand their own boundaries. Lily might not know what we mean word-for-word when we speak to her, but she understands by the tone if it’s good or bad.

That evening, James came home from work and asked how our day had been. I was in the middle of telling him about a call I had with my sister when Lily started screaming and crying in the sitting room. James and I went through to find Jamie standing next to her saying, “Lily sssh!” Lily then stopped crying, passed the toy back to Jamie. Jamie walked off and Lily looked up at the both of us.

“Did you see that?” says James while lifting Lily up and giving her a cuddle. Lily all smiles.

“Oh yeah, I saw it!” I replied. “She has the boys in this house wrapped around her finger!”

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