The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 37

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 37

by Emma Hargan
article from Wednesday 6, March, 2019

AH, THE FIRST uneventful week in, err, well forever! The kids have been great this week. They’ve both slept all night, every night. Jamie has been spending more time playing with Lily. No issues with the creche and not a cough or a sniffle in sight. I had time to clean and tidy the house from top to bottom. Then I woke up.

No, really, it actually has been a pretty good week. If not a little sad. James has started doing the attic conversion in the house, which means we needed to have a good clear out of the stuff we had stored there. 

Last weekend, James brought everything downstairs for us to go through and decide what’s for keeping and what’s for going. It was like a never-ending wall of bin bags crammed full with baby clothes and toys, together with, prams, buggies, cribs and walkers. We spent most of the day going through everything and having to be ruthless. I had to keep a few baby grows and bits as keepsakes of course, but there was no sense in keeping everything and it would be nice to see someone else get the use out of the stuff.

This got me thinking if I had my time again, could I tell myself NOT to buy some of the useless crap we think we need as new parents? In fairness to James, he did actually warn me on several occasions when we were in Mothercare or Babies ‘r’ Us that we didn’t actually need certain things and managed to talk sense into me before we got to the till. This, however, couldn’t be put into effect when I was browsing on Amazon – which then turned into buying. Needless to say, the majority of these items were those stuffed into a bin bag in the attic.

Item #1 The Travel System

A new parent must have! A pram, pushchair and car seat all in one. Approximate cost new of £600 (this was one of the cheaper systems!). Two weeks of nagging and convincing James we really needed it.

Okay, so in fairness the car seat was used until Jamie was 10 months old and is now being used for Lily. The pram was never used with either of them as it was just handier carrying them in the car seat. The pushchair was the biggest, heaviest monstrosity of a thing that I could barely lift it in and out of the boot of the car, never mind try to manoeuvre it around the shops. Now using a £60 pushchair bought for travelling and it’s the handiest, lightest pushchair.

James – 1, Emma – 0

Item #2 The Double Buggy

In my panic and hormones while pregnant with Lily, I totally insisted that we needed a double buggy after she was born. How was I going to manage otherwise? James said Jamie is walking everywhere now and it will be a total waste of money. 

Okay, so this was used a few times. For about a month. And only because I wanted to prove to James that I actually needed it. In all honesty, it was a waste of money because Jamie was happy to walk everywhere and he holds my hand or the buggy whenever we are out.

James – 2, Emma – 0

Item #3 The Colic Bottles

Not just any colic bottles. ALL the colic bottles! Tommee Tippee, Avent and Dr Brown. I was prepared to pay anything for a bottle that stopped the colic. James said to buy one brand as they are all the same. I wasn’t convinced. 

So, 15 bottles and 80 quid later. The only bottles that fitted into the steriliser easily were the Tommee Tippee bottles. Needless to say, the others are still lying at the back of the cupboard – in a bin bag.

James – 3, Emma – 0

Item #4 The Baby Books

I don’t have time to pee, let alone read a book.

James – 4, Emma – 0

Item #5 The Busy Board

A wooden board which has switches, zips, laces, bells, padlocks and buckles attached to it. Guaranteed that your toddler will spend hours playing and working out how it all works. I managed to convince James that this would keep Jamie amused for ages. Built and shipped from Russia. £75.

So, I have spent more time playing with the busy board than Jamie has trying to get him interested. He did lift it up and tried to throw it out of the window. I think that says it all really.

James – 5, Emma – 0

Item #6 The Baby Hats

These are an absolute necessity. A new born baby needs to be kept warm. James agreed with me on this one. However, he did express his concern at every time we were out shopping that I bought more baby hats.

Both Jamie and Lily had enough baby hats to wear a different hat three times a day! They were both born in the middle of the summer. I did relent a bit when I saw we had an entire bin bag filled with brand new baby hats.

James – 6, Emma – 0

In my defence, there was one item of baby equipment that I insisted on and it has been a Godsend. James said it would be a total waste of money but I bought it anyway and even James has agreed, it was the best thing we ever bought. The Tommee Tippee Prep Machine. This thing makes the baby bottles up to the exact temperature and amount in minutes. Trust me – at 3.00am when your baby is screaming the house down looking for a bottle and you’re so exhausted you don’t even know where you are – it’s a lifesaver.

James – 6, Emma – 10 (Hands down, wipes out all the other crap I bought)

So yes, I did manage to accumulate a lot of stuff that we didn’t need or use. If I had my time again, I probably wouldn’t have bought half of it. After we had finished going through all the stuff, I asked James, “Why didn’t you stick to your guns and tell me not to buy it if you knew all this stuff would be a waste of money?”

James smiled and replied, “Have you ever tried to talk sense to a hormonal, tired, pregnant women on a mission?”

Enough said. 

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