This is not striking, this is political grooming by the Greens

This is not striking, this is political grooming by the Greens

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Friday 15, February, 2019

THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN. There is something about the left that means they cannot resist trying to interfere with other people's children. Especially those adults who have none of their own. 

Conditioning a child to a behaviour that is in the interest of the adult – to no benefit, or even risking harm to a child – by messages that cannot be appraised by that child – is wrong. It can rightly be called grooming. 

Children are worried about climate change. And the big bad wolf. And the dark. And clowns. Children scare easily because they cannot easily recognise real danger. They cannot easily recognise real danger because they cannot appraise evidence of this. 

They rely instead on trust. 

This makes them suggestible and every intervention adults make that cannot be reasoned by the child incrementally conditions the child to following instructions of adults they don't know and can be in opposition to established rules and boundaries.

Projecting messages to children that they cannot appraise and are not objective is dogmatic. Radical religious education is no different. Unauthorised absence from school is truancy. It is wrong and it is harmful for a variety of reasons. The schools have a legal duty of care to their pupils, who exactly has the duty of care when the parents are at work and the children are on the streets, encouraged by professional politicians?

Yes, like the same Scottish Greens who encourage truancy. 

In case they wish to litigate against me on this claim I include yesterday's endorsement by them of the climate change school strike, which is truancy. 

This is grooming. This is wrong. This is Scottish Green party policy and this is despicable. Scotland's educational attainment is going in the wrong direction. 

Likewise, discipline is something to be desired, especially self discipline. The last thing anyone should be doing is encouraging behaviour that leads to both. 

There is a reason we don't commonly strike in the 21st century. We have had a century of experience that tells us it causes catastrophic harm to business, industry, communities, a sense of law and order, and creates needlessly divisive politics that the left have always strived for, given social division by group identity and ideological bent are their raison d'être.

Is this the real reason for grooming children to strike? Are we to return to the glory days of the student strikes of the late 60s? It is clear that normalising striking by pupils goes beyond a latter-day children's crusade. It is trying to reintroduce the very idea of mass striking as a legitimate weapon to coerce peers to change their behaviour – and create a new generation to lead us back to the industrial chaos of seventies Britain. 


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