The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 30

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 30

by Emma Hargan
article from Monday 14, January, 2019

JUST WHEN you think things are going so smoothly and the kids have settled into a new routine with a few changes. Along comes the next delightful toddler phase. The ‘I’ve decided I’m never going to sleep again’ phase. Of course no sleeping, means a happy, delightful child to have around? Hmmm.

We had a full week of Jamie being in his ‘big’ bed with no issues whatsoever. He went up for his nap in the afternoon and went down at bedtime without either of us having to race up and down the stairs roaring at him to get into bed. A whole week. So at this point you’d be safe to be thinking it’s in the bag, no?

Wednesday morning and the first day back at creche after a three-week break. I know that most parents would be glad to see that day coming around but I can honestly say I was a wee bit sad that Jamie was going back. We had had such a lovely time over Christmas and New Year. I wasn’t sure how Jamie was going to be going back. I thought he might be a bit clingy as he had been away for a few weeks. So, our usual rush out of the door to take James to work. The kids were both sleepy as they were out of the routine of the early starts. With both of them snoozing in the back, I said to James, “I hope Jamie is okay this morning and goes into creche no bother.”

“Don’t be worrying about it”, James replied, “If he doesn’t want to go, just take him home. He’ll be fine.”

An hour later and we had dropped James off and arrived at the creche. Jamie seemed excited and did his usual pulling my hand to get into the building as quick as possible. I was still a bit apprehensive as he’s seemed excited to go in before but as soon as we get to the toddler room, he freaks and grabs my leg. 

We walked through the door and arrived at the toddler room. I took Jamie’s coat and bag off and hung it on his peg while tentatively opening the door for Jamie to go in. Without a care in the world, he sauntered straight over to the sand and water pit, he didn’t even look back. “Right then, I’ll just get going.” I said to the creche staff. “Bye Jamie.” I said. Nothing.

“Bye Jamie!” I shouted. He didn’t even turn around. The little devil. I didn’t know whether to be happy or totally pissed off! Ah well, I’ll keep my phone handy as he might get upset when he realises I’m away.

Two hours later and no phone call. Lily had her porridge and was sleeping upstairs in her room. I was starting to miss the noise of Jamie tearing about the house. I decided to crack on with the housework and keep myself busy. One job turned into many and before I knew it, it was time to lift Jamie from creche. 

I was looking forward to seeing the wee man and hear about what they had been up to this morning. I landed outside the door to the toddler room and peered in through the glass. The kids were all standing in a circle singing songs and Jamie was joining in clapping his hands. I let them finish before walking in and saying hello. Jamie looked over and smiled at me. He came running over to me but as soon as he realised he was going home, he threw himself down on the floor and had a major strop. The two girls that work in the creche helped me try to get Jamie to calmed down and standing up. I was frantically trying to be nice but at the same time wanted the ground to swallow me! In the middle of Jamie’s tantrum, a wee girl came over to me and said something but I couldn’t hear her over Jamie roaring and shouting. I leant down on my knees and she says, “Are you Jamie’s Mummy?” I replied, “Yes I am.” She then tapped my arm a couple of times as if to say, “You poor thing!” and walked away. Hilarious, two years old going on fifty-two. 

I looked down at Jamie, who had calmed down a bit and said, “Come on, let’s go out to the car and get crisps.” Mortified, I apologised to the staff for the scene and quickly dragged my son out of the building and got into the car. When Jamie realised I actually didn’t have any crisps – cue another fit! This then set lily off. “For Gods sake!” I roared, “There’s crisps at home!” which made no difference at all but made the screaming louder at which point I put my head on the steering wheel and quietly whispered to myself, “keep calm Emma.” I looked up from the steering wheel to find a young mum walking past looking in with a concerned face. I smiled and quickly started up the car before I lost the plot altogether.

By the time we got back to the house, Jamie was sitting quietly looking out of the car window. I got the pair of them in and settled and I let Jamie have a drink of juice and a play before putting him down for his nap. He went down no bother as usual so Lily and I had some time to play. Half an hour before it was time to collect James, and I could hear Jamie walking about in his room. I went upstairs and he was happily sitting on the floor playing with his cars and seemed on much better form – thankfully. I brought him downstairs and fixed him a snack and got the pair of them changed and back into the car. Calm restored again. Well, for a wee while!

That evening, after I got Jamie upstairs to bed, I sat down and told James about our day and Jamie’s tantrum in the creche. “That’s good”, he said, “You should be relieved.” I asked, “Why, it was so embarrassing.”

“He obviously loves it there – for him to have a meltdown when you went to lift him means he’s enjoying being there.” I never looked at it that way. I suppose it’s a good thing. But it didn’t stop me from having a glass of wine that evening. Just to settle the nerves!

The following day and Jamie was like an anti-Christ! He was up earlier than usual and was shouting to get out of his room so this woke Lily up as well. Everything that day was the biggest drama. I tried everything, even my emergency toy stash in the cupboard but nothing seemed to improve his mood. He seemed so tired after lunch so I put him down for his nap earlier than usual, in the hope that he would be on better form when he woke up. Lily slept at the same time as she was exhausted too with Jamie wakening her up and the crying half of the morning. Ah peace at last! I couldn’t wait for creche to come around again the next morning. Some change from the start of the week not wanting Jamie to get back to creche and then by Thursday I was counting down the hours.

Friday morning – at last! I think this time it was me dragging Jamie into the building. I gave him a kiss and bolted out of the place, into the car and headed for home. Ah the peace and quiet, bliss. I didn’t feel bad as I knew Jamie loved being in the creche and it was giving him a chance to blow off steam and play with his buddies. I got a pile of jobs done and even had time for a coffee and a sit down for ten minutes before leaving to collect Jamie.

On arriving at the creche, I felt more relaxed at having a bit of time out from the tantrums. I walked into the toddler room, where I saw Jamie and he came running over to me, happy to see me this time. I lifted him up and asked the girl if he’d been okay. The staff member asked me, “Did Jamie have a late night last night?” “No”, I replied, “He went down at his usual time and I actually had to wake him this morning before we left.” She said, “He was very grumpy today, which isn’t like him at all and he wouldn’t sit at the table to have his snack or his lunch. I just put it down to tiredness. Has there been any changes in the house?” she asked. “No”, I said. “Not this week anyway. We took the bars down off his cot last weekend but he’s been flying with that. Maybe he’s just having a wee off-day.” I said in Jamie’s defence. She smiled and reassured me that it was nothing to worry about but just that it was out of character. 

I got Jamie out to the car and strapped in. On the drive home I kept thinking, I know that Jamie can drive me and James nuts with tantrums and strops but he’s never done that in creche or when he’s been with anyone else. My mind was racing in panic thinking something more was wrong. It’s one thing having freak outs at home but another when he’s in the care of other people. I got the kids in the house and got Jamie changed and upstairs to bed for his nap. When I came back down, I rang James to tell him what had happened. James as usual was level-headed and told me I was over-reacting which of course made me over-react. Bloody men. Sometimes you just need someone to freak out with you, not chat sense and be calm! After I put the phone down, I heard a noise from upstairs. I went up to check on Jamie and he was out cold in his bed, snoring away. I must have been hearing things.

That evening, Jamie was really cranky and tired so I ran him a bath and got him ready for bed a wee bit earlier than normal. He was so tired that after he gave his Daddy a cuddle, he wanted me to lift him up to bed instead of walking up himself. I carried Jamie upstairs and got him snuggled into his bed and as usual, he rolled over. 

A couple of hours later and I had just finished a bit of work and decided I would go upstairs and run a bath and have an early night myself. James said he would give lily her last bottle so I could just go to bed – lovely! 

I crept upstairs quietly and went to head into the bathroom when I heard chatting. I went through to Jamie’s doorway but silence and darkness. I climbed over the stairgate on his bedroom door so as to not make any noise and there was Jamie lying on top of his bed snoring. I pulled the duvet back over him and tip toed over the maze of cars, Lego pieces and toys and headed for the door. “Jesus Christ!” I screamed, as I fell ass over tit across the childgate, forgetting it was still shut. So much for trying to be quiet. 

I pulled myself together and headed back into the bathroom to start running my bath. After it was ready, I went to grab a towel out of the cupboard when I heard chatting again. I tip-toed across the hall and switched the light on just in time to see Jamie leg it from one side of his room back onto his bed! I opened the gate and went in and there he was lying on top of the bed, pretending to be sleeping!! I couldn’t believe this. No wonder he was wrecked tired during the day. The wee monkey was sitting up half the night playing and then putting on an Academy Award winning performance for me when I went in to check on him.

Duped again by a two-year-old! Relieved in one sense, as this would explain the out of character behaviour, but on the other hand I couldn’t believe the craftiness and coolness of him acting calm and collected pretending to be sleeping. He gets that from his Daddy!

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