The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 21

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 21

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 13, November, 2018

THERE’S NOT much worse than seeing one of your kids sick. The next worst thing is being sick yourself. The best thing to do would be to crawl into bed with a Lemsip and a cup of tea and sleep through it. HA! What with a baby and a toddler? I would have more chance of winning the lottery.

Since Jamie has started creche this has been the first week he hasn’t had some kind of child disease. I was thinking this was great. He’s had a rough few weeks with all the Slapped Cheek, the coughs, the colds, the Hand-Foot-and-Mouth and finally, back to full health. I was starting to think I was never going to see Jamie again without a snotty nose or a rash on his face!

Just when I thought things were getting back to normal Lily then had her jags. This was her second time, and it may be a coincidence, but the week after she takes a cold and a bad chesty cough. She has been perfect with eating and sleeping and has been generally on good form so I thought the best medicine for this was to keep her in the warm and plenty of cuddles, bottles and snoozes. She’ll be right as rain. She is. I’m not.

Anyone that knows me well, knows I hate being sick. Now I know that no one likes to be sick but there are people in life who just get on with it, no matter what. I’m NOT one of these people. I turn into a big kid myself, and just want to crawl into bed, feeling sorry for myself and wake up when it’s all better. That’s what I used to do. Not anymore. 

I woke up at the start of the week with a sore throat and feeling like I had been up all night, I was so tired. It was a 6.00 am wakeup call as Lily had started coughing and woke herself and the rest of the house up at the same time. Ah well, might as well get on with it, as lying in bed doesn’t help a sore throat. James took Jamie downstairs and got his breakfast sorted before he left for work while I made Lily her bottle and fed her. I couldn’t wait to get a cup of coffee as I was hoping it would help my throat. No such luck, I drank the coffee and it felt like there were shards of glass through it! 

As the morning wore on, I was starting to get watery eyes and sneezing a lot. Every time I sneezed, Lily got a fright and started to cry. This in turn set Jamie off. One crying baby is more than enough to listen to when you have the cold but two is like someone standing on your head with a jackhammer! 

It’s all good I kept telling myself. I’ll get Lily settled and sleeping when Jamie went up for his nap after lunch. Then I would be able to have half an hour lying on the sofa to shut my eyes. This thought of just half an hour resting on the couch kept me going that morning. Jamie was the only one on good form. He was happy playing with his toys, watching nursery rhymes on the telly and building Duplo blocks. He wanted me to play along as well and was steadily pulling at my hand or my leg wanting up for a cuddle or to play. 

Lily on the other hand was grouchy as she wasn’t feeling good and couldn’t sleep as her cough was annoying her. She just wanted me to lift her and nurse her all the time. As soon as I put her in the bouncer or in her crib, she started screaming. 

I got Jamie’s lunch sorted, changed him and took him upstairs for a nap. Jamie was always brilliant at going to sleep. I just put him in his cot, he rolls over and that’s it! Excellent – one down, one to go!

I came downstairs to find Lily just on the edge of a meltdown looking for her feed. I quickly made her bottle and she took an ounce and started to cry. I tried winding her but nothing came and she was getting really frustrated. She started to cough and cough and then threw-up the ounce she took over the top of my jeans. No chance was I getting to put my feet up for five minutes never mind half an hour! I felt like screaming myself at this point but I couldn’t. I lifted Lily back up again and she just looked at me and started smiling through watery eyes. 

It was then that I realised, if my 4-month-old baby can have the cold and still carry on smiling – then so can I! 

I sat with Lily on the sofa for over an hour. She was just looking for cuddles and was quite happy getting the attention. I was actually getting some rest at the same time. After Jamie woke up, I fixed him a snack and he wanted to play up in his room. This gave Lily and I some more time chilling until eventually, she fell asleep. 

I put Lily down in her crib and headed back upstairs to see the wee man. It was perfect timing as he was just about to put the finishing touches on his man-made climbing frame to get over the stair gate on his bedroom door!  I didn’t make a big deal as I thought this would only set him off into a meltdown and would ultimately make him want to do again. I casually moved the toys out of the way and let myself into his room, climbed into his Tepee and started building blocks. Of course, Jamie thought this was great and climbed in with me and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing until Lily woke up. 

As I got the kids settled watching Brave while I made dinner, I was starting to feel a little better. I was still sneezing but my throat was definitely improving. I think Lily was feeling a bit better too after her sleep. I thought, as soon as the kids go to bed, I’ll run a nice hot bath and get an early night. I’ll be brand new in the morning – but I wasn’t out of the woods yet.

Ten minutes into making dinner and I popped my head into the lounge next door to check on the kids. It was unusually quiet, which inevitably makes me nervous! They were perfect. Jamie was sitting in his chair and Lily was flat out bouncing away watching the film. I went back into the kitchen to finish making the dinner. Ah finally, nice and calm until, CRASH! 

I dropped everything and ran into the sitting room where Jamie had lifted his Lego box and decided to tip it out onto the floor in front of Lily who nearly jumped out of her skin and burst into tears! Bloody hell, just when you think all’s good and settled. Of course, at that moment James walks through the door with me lying on the floor trying to get the Lego that had bounced underneath the sofa and Lily screaming her head off. 

“Don’t worry! Daddy’s home!” he says while Jamie runs over to him to get lifted. I pick myself up off the floor and go over to settle Lily. 

“Good day?” I ask. 

“Not as good as yours, chilling out on the floor!” he said sarcastically. 

I knew he was joking but I threw him a filthy look while remembering about the dinner. Shit! I ran through to the kitchen where the pasta had stuck to the bottom of the pan. Great!

“Fish-fingers anyone?”

James replies, “No probs! Wonder why I’m so skinny, ha!”

Another filthy look. 

After dinner, I sat rocking Lily in her bouncer while James cleared the plates and loaded the dishwasher. He made a cup of tea and sat down while putting his head in his hands.

“You okay?” I asked.

“I think I’m coming down with something, I must just be run down. After we get the kids asleep, I think I’ll run a nice hot bath and get an early night if that’s okay with you?”

“No probs!’ I answered. 

After all, I might have been feeling rotten but nothing’s as bad as Man Flu is it ?!

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