The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 20

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 20

by Emma Hargan
article from Wednesday 7, November, 2018

WHAT A CLASS WEEKEND. The first time James and I have spent an entire evening together without babies in two-and-a-half years! To say I was slightly nervous at the notion of being away from the kids for the night was an understatement in one hand, and in the other? I couldn’t wait to get away!

Lily and Jamie’s Granny and Gramps arrived on Friday afternoon, all set for the babysitting weekend ahead. I had booked tickets to go and see Kevin Bridges in Dublin way back when I was pregnant with Lily. It seemed like a lifetime ago when I booked it, and all of a sudden it was happening on Sunday night. As it was a rare occurrence that we were managing to escape for the night, my Mum and Dad had booked a fancy 5-star hotel for us to stay in as a birthday treat for us both.

Jamie was so excited to see his Granny and Gramps, but was furious when it was time for bed on Friday night as he didn’t understand that they would still be there in the morning. 

With both kids down sleeping, we were able to chill and have a nice dinner, a few laughs and a few drinks. Mum had suggested that while they were here for the weekend, James and I should go out the next night as well, and take advantage of the fact we had babysitters for the weekend. I wasn’t going to argue with that! 

I had been dying to go and see the new Halloween movie at the cinema and James was just happy to go out for the night. I quickly got online and booked the tickets before anyone could change their mind.

The following morning, we all got ready and headed out to the shops to get some food in for the weekend and enjoy a bit of retail therapy. The kids were as good as gold. Jamie was loving having the independence of walking around and Lily was happily snoozing away in the buggy. As the two of them were on good form, we decided to have lunch in a local restaurant. We got seated at the table and the waitress provided crayons and a colouring page for Jamie. This held Jamie’s attention for all of five minutes before the cup of crayons got fired across the table and onto the floor. Just when I was starting to think this was a disaster, James took out his phone and put Finding Nemo on. Ha, disaster averted! An hour and a half later, we were still sitting in the restaurant. Nice!

That evening, James and I were getting ready to head out to the cinema. Jamie was already in his cot sleeping but Lily was as bright as a button, nowhere near ready for bed. After lining up the Calpol, Infant Nurofen and all the emergency numbers for the doctors and hospital, my Mum threw us out.

The cinema was packed out when we arrived and the queue was out of the door. Thank God I had booked the tickets! We got in and bought our old usual of a bucket of popcorn and a large coke and settled in to watch the film (with my phone on my knee on silent of course!). I was so excited to see the movie.

Bloody hell – traumatised wasn’t the word! Of course, I had seen all the other Halloween movies before, and yes, they were scary. That is scary as in jumpy. This was brutal. I think I can safely say it was one of the roughest films I have ever seen. Blood and guts – not exactly the romantic, kid-free night out most people would have! Even James was slightly shocked. Good story though. We got home to find Lily and Jamie sleeping and Mum and Dad watching X Factor. Lily had gone down 20 minutes after we left and Jamie hadn’t stirred once. Brilliant! Mum and Dad headed off to bed so I watched 10 minutes of Toy Story so I didn’t have to sleep with the light on all night. I don’t know why I do these things to myself. I still have nightmares after watching Stephen King’s IT when I was 12-years-old!

James and I were planning to leave mid-morning on Sunday and get to the hotel for early afternoon so we could check in to the hotel, hit the shops and chance a few pints of Guinness in Temple Bar before going to the concert. After driving my Mum crazy with all the do’s and don’ts of what to do with the kids, pointing out all the possible hazards and what to do in the event of someone drinking bleach, we headed off for the hotel. Of course, I was going to miss the babies, but we were both so excited at having a bit of time together, just us.

We arrived at the hotel in good time. The check-in info stated to drive around the front of the hotel and someone would be there to take the car from us and park it in the underground car park. Thank God James had cleaned the car before we left. A guy in a top hat and coat appeared at our car and took our bags out of the boot while another guy collected the keys off James and drove the car away! Oh my god, what was going on?

We walked into the hotel and were escorted to a desk where we would be checked-in. James and I looked at each other and smiled. Jackpot! This was going to be class. We were taken up to our room by another guy in a top hat and coat and I can honestly say it was like a scene out of Home Alone 2– he stood waiting to be tipped and all I had in my pocket was chewing gum! Luckily James had few quid with him. Our bathroom was the same size as the whole of the upstairs in our house. Ah well, if we have to slum it for the night!

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Grafton Street, hitting the shops and then into Temple Bar for a few pints. It was lovely just for one day to not be clock watching to be making bottles or be covered in milk-puke and snot! My Mum and Dad kept sending us texts and photos of the kids and they looked like they were having a ball. Of course, I was missing them, but I was able to relax and enjoy myself knowing they were having a great time too.

The icing on the cake was then going to see Kevin Bridges in 3Arena that night. He was even more hilarious than we thought and put on a great show. The place was sold out and the atmosphere was amazing. The night just flew by. Before we knew it, we were back in the hotel room where we had a bottle of champers and chocolates to finish the night – class!

In the morning, we woke up to a wake-up call that wasn’t a baby crying – and a newspaper at the door. We headed down for breakfast to a fancy restaurant where we had the best Irish fry I have ever had. Even better when I didn’t have to do the clearing up! Mum had texted me to let me know the kids had had a good night so don’t be rushing back. We didn’t have to check-out until midday, so I didn’t need to be told twice to stay put! After breakfast, we headed back up to the room so I could have a lovely relaxing bath, wash and straighten my hair and do my makeup. All the things I never have time to do at home. Lovely.

Just like the night before, the morning flew by and it was time to head home. Our car was driven round to the front of the hotel and our bags loaded in to the boot where the concierge knew by this point to see James for a tip – unless they wanted a strip of chewing gum!

We arrived home to two sleeping babies, a nice clean house and a roast chicken dinner already made. No bother to Mum and Dad, who did manage to raise three daughters and two boys between them. It was so nice to see the kids and I realised how much I had missed them but at the same time, realised that James and I needed a well-earned night to ourselves. So before Mum and Dad left, we quickly booked them in for another babysitting job before they could refuse! 

The following morning, it was back to reality. 

James left for work and Mum and Dad left to go home after lunch. Mum had bought Jamie some toys and put Lily into a beautiful designer dress she had seen in the shops. They must have been gone a whole hour when I noticed Lily sitting in the bouncer, her face strained and bright red. Uh, oh, get a nappy and quick! I grabbed Lily out of the bouncer and went to put her on the changing mat when I noticed she was covered in baby poo pretty much up to the back of her neck. I was half way through stripping Lily when Jamie decided to do a superman off the coffee table and onto the fireguard head first! Jesus Christ! Everyone crying, Jamie sitting sporting a cracking bruise and Lily covered in shit. 

Mum! Dad! Come back pleeeeeease!!

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