The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 14

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies – Week 14

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 25, September, 2018

I THOUGHT THAT sending Jamie to creche was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. I was wrong. The hardest thing is seeing your baby sick and there’s nothing you can do about it. That, and trying to keep sane while the toddler tantrums are on overdrive when they aren’t well!

A couple of weeks ago when we went up to the creche to have a look around and meet the manager, one of the things I asked was what the story was if Jamie took sick. She explained that if the kids are on antibiotics, they need to stay at home and obviously use your own judgement with anything else. I told the lady, Jamie has had one cold since he’s been born, he’s very healthy. She smiled at me and said Jamie would probably pick up a few things when he starts at the creche and to expect it. That was fine, but I wasn’t expecting it after a week!

Jamie had had his first week over at creche and absolutely loved it.  It was a huge milestone for us both and to say I was relieved to get the first week done and dusted was an understatement. So after the week was over, we got the kids to bed on Friday night and me and James poured ourselves a wee drink. I’m pretty sure there was a hole in the bottom of my glass as I was on my third glass of wine fairly quickly and enjoying chilling out. With the bottle of wine emptied, I headed off to bed. 

Now, I think kids have this special radar. When Mummy and Daddy are relaxed and well oiled, we’ll wake up at 3am and scream the house down. 

Just great. It’s hard enough to drag myself out of bed at 3am at the best of times - but seriously? After a bottle of wine, I must have looked like a pissed Mr Bean trying to make a bottle for Lily. As I took that long to make it and Lily was going mental by this stage, Jamie woke up crying as well. James took over feeding Lily and I went in to settle the wee man. No chance. The poor soul was hoarse with a sore throat and a runny nose. After a few cuddles and some Calpol, I put Jamie back in his cot and launched myself back into bed. 

I literally closed my eyes, and he started again. Now we never bring the kids into the bed usually as I know that’s a disaster as Jamie would never sleep in his cot again, however, on this occasion, it was either that or not getting any shut eye. Sleeping with a toddler is a little like sleeping next to an octopus on crack! There’s arms and legs flying everywhere and if I survive the night without getting a slap in the face or a black eye, I’ll be doing well. That bottle of wine didn’t seem like a good idea at that point. James said he would have been comfier sleeping on the edge of a needle!

In the morning, we were all shattered but Jamie had developed a full blown cold and was obviously just feeling rotten so was like a bag of cats all day long. Unfortunately, Saturday is always a busy day for us and we’re always out and about for most of the day getting jobs done so poor Jamie was on bad form getting dragged round the shops and was so tired when we got home, he was desperate to go to his bed – a first for everything! 

Jamie wasn’t the only one desperate to get to his bed, I couldn’t wait to get Lily bathed and her bottles washed and sterilised so we could get to sleep as well. Unfortunately, our day was nowhere near finished.

We got to 10pm and Jamie woke again, but this time, he was really screaming. I ran upstairs and lifted him out of the cot and was trying to calm him with no joy. James then came in and tried to calm him down but he was having no luck either. We brought him back downstairs and as I was about to give him his second dose of Calpol, I noticed something in his mouth. I got James to get his torch and shine it into Jamie’s mouth and his tongue was completely covered in ulcers. I’ve never seen anything like it before! No wonder he was screaming the place down. I hate even having one mouth ulcer - they’re agony, never mind my whole tongue covered. Now, in the time it took me to give Jamie the Calpol, a red rash began to appear on his cheeks. I was beginning to panic a bit, even though the rash faded when I pressed on it, it was spreading very quickly across his face and also on his stomach. Oh God, why do these things happen at night?

I rang the out-of-hours doctors’ helpline and explained Jamie’s symptoms. The lady on the end of the phone told me that she would pass my details on to the nurse and they would ring me back as soon as possible.  Ten minutes passed (felt like hours!) and the nurse called me back asking how Jamie was. I didn’t really have to explain as she could hear Jamie crying in the background. She advised to bring him into the surgery straight away to get checked out as she didn’t like the sound of his rash.

After I stopped flapping about, James had Jamie wrapped up with his jacket and shoes on and got him in his car seat. James had to stay at the house with Lily while I set off for the surgery with Jamie. The poor wee man sobbed the whole way. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to find a place I’ve never been to before with a screaming toddler in the back seat! We arrived after 15 minutes or so and after getting buzzed in by the receptionist, the nurse came out to meet us in the waiting room. Jamie immediately hugged into me when the nurse started to chat to him. After a couple of minutes, Jamie was starting to come round and was smiling and giving the nurse high fives! She told me, there were a few in before us but the doctor would see Jamie as soon as possible.

An hour had passed and I was on my last Youtube video on Jamie’s mix before I knew he was going to get fed up. Right on cue, the last video ended and Jamie jumped down off my knee and started running around the waiting room giving people high fives and giggling. Everyone else thought this was hilarious but I was going to be mortified if the doctor called us and there was Jamie running rings around the place without a care in the world! Not that I wanted my son to be sick, but if he didn’t start showing some signs of illness and soon – I was going to knock him out myself!

Another hour passed and by this time Jamie was getting tired. But instead of lying up beside me on the chair, he decided he was going to lie in the middle of the floor in the waiting room. Great, well if he wasn’t properly sick before we arrived, he definitely would be after spending 10 minutes on the cold floor. I didn’t want to make an even bigger scene dragging him up. I was ready to lose the plot!

1am in the morning and we got called into see the doctor. Jamie was so tired by this stage, he sat on my knee and cuddled into me. I explained what had happened and the doctor did a full check over, much to Jamie’s delight – until he needed to check the back of Jamie’s throat and then we had the wrath of Jamie! After the doctor had done his assessment, he told me Jamie had a viral infection called ‘Slapped Cheek’. 

I had never even heard of this before, never mind knowing how to treat it. Apparently it’s a fairly common enough illness in kids and gets its name due the redness of the cheeks as a result of the rash. As it was viral, he couldn’t prescribe anything for it and it would just run its course. Obviously if Jamie’s condition worsened or his temperature spiked, then I would need to bring him back in. Other than that, Calpol was going to be my new best friend and he was to stay at home as slapped cheek is contagious for 24 hours.

Four hours after Jamie had woken up screaming, we were back at home. Jamie was so tired but I took him into our bed as I knew there was no way he was going to settle and me and James were shattered. Jamie’s head hit the pillow and he was out like a light. 

A week has passed and Jamie is getting better but he is still not completely recovered. He still has a rash on his face but I’ve been told that he could have this for up to 3 weeks but he’s no longer contagious.

I don’t think there is anything worse than seeing your kids not well. I can honestly say I’m drained with the range of emotions I’ve gone through in this last week. From, ‘You poor thing, I wish I could take it from you’ – to, ‘Your definitely going back to creche on Wednesday as your driving me bloody nuts!’

The moral this week? If I’m ready to lose the plot – Jamie’s healthy and well!!

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