The Mummy Diaries: Two babies - Week 12

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies - Week 12

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 11, September, 2018

SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, tears and strops. No, I’m not talking about my kids – that’s me! D-Day for Jamie and I finally arrived on Friday. The day I had to leave him for a couple of hours in the crèche. Honestly if anyone had seen me that morning, they’d have thought I was going to be executed! 

The night before Jamie started the crèche, we were all organised. It’s an early start for us all. Up at 6.30am, breakfast for Jamie, bottle for Lily, get Jamie changed and dressed, get Lily changed and dressed and somewhere in the middle of all that, I get myself dressed and manage to squeeze in a very strong cup of coffee. James of course offered to help which if we didn’t have to leave the house, I would gladly accept, but for some reason when James dresses the kids, colour co-ordination goes out of the window and he manages to find the one God-awful outfit in their wardrobe and they look like they’ve fallen off the back of a lorry. 

So with all that to do the night before, I get their clothes laid out, the nappy bag packed and the breakfast stuff out and ready to be devoured by Jamie in the morning. No bother! I poured myself a glass of wine, at which point James looks up at me and says, “I thought you were only drinking at the weekend?” To which I promptly replied, “For goodness sake, Jamie’s starting the crèche tomorrow and I’m stressed, it’s purely for medicinal purposes only!” 

James shoots me a look that suggests he’s either thinking, bloody hell I’ve married a psycho OR poor soul she’s such a fantastic mother she’s all emotional about Jamie tomorrow. I like to think it’s the latter.

That morning, everything went so smoothly. The kids had to be woken and were both on good form. We were all up, fed, dressed and in the car in record time. We dropped James off at work and headed for the crèche. The women I had spoken to previously told me to arrive at 9.30am as all the other parents would be away and it wouldn’t be so busy for Jamie to arrive. We arrived in plenty time and my stomach was churning. I thought to myself, if Jamie gets upset or starts to cry, that’s it I’m taking him home and we’ll just ditch this idea. Ok we’ll go in for what it’s worth.

I had Lily in her car seat in one hand and Jamie’s hand in the other. Jamie was all happy going in. When he saw the other kids, he let go of my hand and ran over to their table. Straight away, Lily became the main event in the room. All the wee ones were fascinated with her. I think this was the one and only time that Jamie was proud to be Lily’s big brother! 

The girl’s said to me to head away and come back in a couple of hours, they have my number so if there were any problems, they would ring me. Oh my God! Ok, I walked over to Jamie, crouched down and told him that I would be back in a wee while and to be good. For the first time ever, he leaned in and gave me a kiss and a hug and just walked away! With a broken heart, I grabbed Lily’s car seat and legged-it out of the room and into the car as fast as I could before balling my eyes out. 

Then it dawned on me while I was driving home. The little devil wasn’t one bit bothered I was leaving, in fact, he was consoling me! I don’t know what’s worse? Jamie getting upset or not giving a toot!

It was weird at the house without the wee man running about. Although I couldn’t stop thinking about him and wondering how he was getting on, I got more done in the house in those two hours than I usually would all day! 

I couldn’t wait to get back and see how he got on. I arrived a little bit earlier than they said but I stood outside the room and peered through the wee window and there he was. Happily sitting in a seat at the table with the rest of the kids doing Jamie’s favourite thing. Eating!

I let myself in and got a huge smile off Jamie. The girls said he was as good as gold and joined in with the rest of them. They said he will get on great. No bother to Jamie! I was a bit worried he would have a meltdown when we had to leave. But no. I told him we were going out to the car and he stuffed the rest of his pancake into his mouth, waved bye to the kids, took my hand and happily walked out to the car.

Oh result! I was so relieved that he got on so well and enjoyed his time in the crèche. Now hopefully with the first day out of the way, he’ll be happy to go in again next week, but we’ll see.

The moral of this story? I thought the middle of the night feeds, the tantrums, the colds, the upset tummies, the early starts, the bumps and bruises, and the nappy changes were all hard work. Yet the hardest part of being a Mummy for me, is having to walk away and leave my baby in someone else’s hands, even though I know he’ll love it and make new friends.

So that evening, we got the kids to sleep and I poured myself a wee glass of wine. James looks at me and says, “Pour me one as well - for medicinal purposes of course!”

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