The Mummy Diaries:Two babies – Week 10

The Mummy Diaries:Two babies – Week 10

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 28, August, 2018

NOTHING quite presses buttons like a toddler on a mission. This week we’ve been pushing boundaries in more ways than one. My patience has been tested to the limit and I’ve never seen determination in anyone more than Jamie when he wants into the biscuit tin, or just doesn’t want to wear clothes and run around in the nude!

I thought that I would start making some ‘Mummy and Jamie time’ – which might curb some of the tantrums and let Jamie know that although we have Lily, I’ve still got special time with him. Sunday morning would be the best day to do this as James is home and can spend some time with Lily on his own. Also, it will give James the opportunity to see there’s a bit more to ‘lying about the house looking after the kids.’ Huh! We’ll see!

I had decided to take Jamie swimming, as he had been before with his Granny and Gramps and absolutely loved it. After getting the usual stuff and the kitchen sink into the bags, I also had written James a ‘To Do’ list just because he had clearly mentioned on several occasions that he’ll have plenty time to do the house while Lily just sleeps in her crib. So, all packed and ready to go, I got Jamie strapped into the car and we set off for the pool. Jamie was so excited, it was lovely to see and even though he probably didn’t have a clue where we were going, it was clear he was just happy to be out with me on his own.

When we arrived at the pool, Jamie was loving all the attention he got from the staff chatting to him and was so excited to get into the water, he was shaking! I was so proud of him, he had no fear at all and just loved the water and splashing about. I was panicking a bit after an hour had passed at the thought of having to take him out as I was expecting a total meltdown – but no. He took my hand and happily left the water and walked into the changing room. I got Jamie dressed and got him sorted with a bag of crisps while I got myself ready. 

Everything was going so well up until that point. Someone in the changing room had switched the hair dryer on and Jamie got such a fright, he dropped his crisps and ran for the door! I immediately darted after Jamie and tried to comfort him, the poor soul. In my panic, I hadn’t realised that my towel was lying on the floor and I was standing butt naked with a screaming toddler in my arms! Jesus Christ! I wanted the ground to swallow me. Jamie was screaming and crying while I was trying to get my clothes on without towel drying, not easy. 

Once we had arrived back at the car, Jamie had calmed down, it was such a shame as Jamie had loved the pool up until that point, I was hoping he had still enjoyed his time with me.

Fifteen minutes later, we were back at the house and as soon as I opened the front door, I knew that not a single thing on the list had been done. I walked into the kitchen to find Lily sleeping in her crib and James chilling out on his iPad with a cup of tea.

“Oh you’ve been busy I see?!” I said

James replied, “I didn’t expect you home so soon, I was about to start your list in a bit. Lily is a doddle, she’s been sleeping the whole time. I don’t get why you can’t spend more time with Jamie while she’s sleeping?’’

“Ok, first of all - it’s not MY list, it’s OUR list as all the jobs include your clothes etc as well and secondly, if you had started the jobs, you wouldn’t have had time to do anything else – least of all drink bloody cups of tea!” I roared in frustration.

James at this point could see I was slightly stressed and asked how swimming had gone. I explained how much fun we had had and unfortunately just the last wee bit he got upset by the hairdryer. At least Jamie would now know to expect the noise the next time we went swimming and it wouldn’t scare him as much…?

Another week had passed and on Sunday morning, I got mine and Jamie’s stuff sorted again for our next adventure at the pool. Jamie was on great form and again, happily sat in the car all excited. When we arrived and parked up, I noticed that Jamie was dragging his heels while walking in. At the reception desk, I paid for admission and the man leaned over and said to Jamie, “Hey buddy, good to see you back again!” Jamie burst into tears! 

The poor guy at the desk went bright red and apologised for upsetting him. I replied, “Not at all, I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” I lifted Jamie and took him into the changing room and there it happened. One huge meltdown. Now usually I wouldn’t be easily put off when Jamie starts a tantrum, but he was totally freaking out and I didn’t want to force him into the pool. I didn’t know what had set him off so decided to take him out and go home. By the time we got back to the house, Jamie had chilled out but I was ready for a glass of wine and it was only 10.00am! 

Deja vu! Lily was sleeping in her crib and James was sitting on his iPad. 

“Jes, you weren’t long!” he’s says. “I was just having a five minutes and then about to start your, er, OUR list.”

After explaining the whole incident to James. He lifted Jamie and gave him a cuddle and said next week will be loads better. In my head I was thinking, next week? I’m bloody traumatised, I never want to see that pool again!

As the week passed, I knew I would have to take Jamie back to the pool as I needed to persevere with whatever it was that freaked him out as I didn’t want him to have a fear of the water. On Sunday morning, I did the usual bag packing and left another list for James. We arrived at the pool to find the same guy at the reception desk and I could tell by his face, he didn’t want to even look at Jamie in case it set him off. I felt so sorry for him and explained it wasn’t him that Jamie was upset about. When we got into the changing room, the same thing happened. I took a deep breath and just got us both ready for the swimming. When Jamie saw the water, it was like a switch! He started smiling and spent the next hour, splashing and loving being in the pool. Result! 

I knew at this point that it wasn’t the water that he was frightened of but the hairdryer in the changing room must of upset him that much. I don’t know if it was because he’d had that much fun and had forgotten but when we got out to get dressed, he never cried and was quite happy.

I was so relieved and happy that Jamie had enjoyed our time together, that I’d forgotten about the ‘To Do’ list I had written for James. We walked in and James was standing with no t-shirt on with a nappy bag in one hand and a baby wipe in the other, while Lily slept in her crib.

“Jesus!” He says, “I couldn’t get a thing done! Lily cried her heart out, THEN she wanted fed, THEN she boaks and shits all over herself and ME! I’m only getting her settled now.”’

I smiled and replied, “Jamie got on great! So what jobs did you get done while we were away, you know, with Lily being a doddle!?”

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