The Mummy Diaries: 2 babies - Week 6

The Mummy Diaries: 2 babies - Week 6

by Emma Hargan
article from Tuesday 31, July, 2018

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY to our gorgeous boy Jamie! I honestly can’t believe he’s two years old already. Everyone told me to enjoy every second of them as babies as the time goes in so fast. I thought they were exaggerating, especially when you’re up to your arms in poop and puke! But they were right.

With my sister Katy away on Sunday, it was back to just me, hubby James, Jamie and Lily. Even though Jamie’s birthday was on Monday, we started celebrating his birthday on Saturday as Katy was leaving the following morning. This involved playing with balloons all day, opening presents and having a pizza party for tea. No two-year-old’s party would be complete without a ‘Clyde The Caterpillar’ birthday cake to finish it off! It was a lovely end to our time with the family and for all the help they’ve given me over the last few weeks.

So with me on my Tod looking after the kids again, I’ve now turned into crazy list lady. I make a ‘to do’ list at the end of each day so that I don’t forget anything important and to get the house into some kind of shape. A typical example of one of my ‘to do’ lists:-

  1. Bath Lily
  2. Do ironing
  3. Hoover downstairs
  4. Wash floors
  5. Hoover upstairs
  6. Clean bathrooms

And so what gets done? I’m lucky if I can accomplish bathing Lily. Okay, now for the ‘realistic to do’ list:

  1. Have a Shower
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Brush hair
  4. Get dressed
  5. Eat something
  6. Make dinner
  7. Stay sane

Now number five on the list can be avoided as I would be happy to get rid of my c-section pouch quicker, however, when it gets to 3pm and I’m starting to get the shakes and then raid the chocolate cupboard - it kind of defeats the purpose when I’m consuming 2000 calories in 10 minutes!

This week, Jamie is now starting to take more of an interest in Lily. When she starts to cry, he now goes over to her crib and gently pats her belly. Cute right? Yes it is if it stopped there. What happens then is he goes to open the freezer door or manages to get into the dishwasher and starts licking the clean plates like a dog! I obviously react and shout at him to stop doing this. Like any ‘normal’ two year old, he then starts screaming like a banshee and runs over to Lily and steals the blanket off her, all while she’s sleeping of course. 

I’m now past the 6 week mark and can drive the car again and get back to doing some exercise. Even if I can burn off the same amount I consume in red wine and chocolate in a week, I’ll be more than happy. The problem at the moment is leaving Lily. Jamie is a wee angel when it comes to bedtime. He slept through the night from 8 weeks. He was in his own room at 3 months (because he was too big for the Moses basket) and when it gets to 8pm every night, he gives me and his Daddy a kiss and goes into his cot, rolls over and goes to sleep. Bliss! 

Lily on the other hand is a wee angel all day until it gets to 8pm. She gets so unsettled and no matter what we do she will cry uncontrollably for what feels like hours. She’s not hungry, she’s been changed and winded. Possibly Colic? Now it’s only been happening every day for the last week so only time will tell, but it would be unfair to leave the other half to deal with this on their own. This leaves exercising in the evening a problem. The only solution I can think on is to either cut back on the chocolate or red wine to reduce my calorie intake. I know what your thinking and yes, it is quite possible to remove chocolate from one’s diet, however, eliminating red wine is a step too far.

The final straw was we had no TV for a day and an evening. Our little monster had managed to get behind the telly unit and pull the cable out of the back of the sky box which meant no TV until James had time to fix it. Total nightmare. Not only did this mean that Jamie couldn’t get his daily fix of Finding Nemo and prevent any upcoming meltdowns, it also meant that James and I would actually have to talk to each other! Thank God the wifi was still working.

So, the upshot this week? Forget the lists. They will only make you feel defeated before you’ve even started. Exercise is highly overrated. Always have a spare TV cable in case of emergencies otherwise you will have to spend the evening talking to your other half and worst case scenario with Colic is it goes away after 6 months. 

Er, give up red wine?

Not a chance!!!!

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