Nationalist Eurotrash undoes the indyscot narrative – that isn't necessarily good

Nationalist Eurotrash undoes the indyscot narrative – that isn't necessarily good

by Jonathan Stanley
article from Monday 16, July, 2018

IT IS PAINFUL to read some of the nonsense the nationalists tweet at times. I should really think of Ross Greer as an incomplete Owen Jones, not quite as bombastic yet just as capable of factitious straw men to make a generalised rant about Trump more palatable.

Yet he is a MSP... but he's not the worst of course. There are some seriously special people in that chamber but like them Mr Greer is our representative. His votes affect our lives so we have to scrutinise at least what they say in public.

So let us scrutinise these three points that have appeared before us:

1. Trade is not devolved. Where to start? Is he proposing a separate customs regime for Scotland within the UK? All the while whining about the Irish border being affected by Brexit? Is he suggesting Edinburgh's financial services are locked out of London as they would be no longer compliant with the UK's regulations unless the UK regulated them without the oversight of Scottish MPs...given as they would oblige an EVEL approach.

Has this boy not been following a single piece of news from the last two weeks on Brexit? Why is he even mooting such a cretinous proposal? Odd, really.

2. Public procurement is subject to Westminster's power grab. What he means is he was happy for the UK to have the Public Procurement Act tie us into an EU directive without a vote, but now is not happy because there is a vote. The PPA 2006 was to maintain the EU, and now the UK single market. It is to prevent cronyism when tendering of public services is done, locks out small businesses unfairly, and prevents the exclusion of companies from tenders based on their location.

It has NEVER obliged any tendering of health services. The EU does force the separation of things like train track and train operations, but SO FAR has not made tendering compulsory. If the Scottish Government does not wish to tender it does not have to. If Mr Greer is proposing new legislation that would make it easier for small local businesses to help run public services or maintain them, yet remove protection that allows Scottish firms to compete for English work then I paraphrase my friend Tom Chapman in the European Parliament,

"Ross that sounds quite interesting and I hadn't thought of that before now. If you can draft your proposals as a paper I'd be happy to give it a read and consider"

It is of course absurd to complain the USA has access to public service contracts on EXACTLY THE SAME basis as EU companies do now and then fight passionately for the EU and never complain about the PPA. 

3. Republicans have been clear they want to get their hands on the NHS. This made me chuckle. What bit exactly? Where is the purchaser provider split in NHS Scotland that would allow a profit-making unit to be sold off to a hedge fund or HMO? Where is this money-spinner that could attract Blue Cross or Kaiser to buy a unit here instead of building more in the single most lucrative high spending care market on Earth? 

We have ultrasound units that have had no baby scanning service for fiveyears. We have thousands of operations cancelled because of a lack of beds. Who on Earth in all seriousness would touch half of the assets of NHS Scotland, especially those with PFI agreements that are killing them? Who Ross? Who are these mad, bad, gun toting, Burley smoking, moonshine popping, grits munching rednecks who want to buy our depreciated and indebted real estate?

We are closing A&Es for want of staff and you think syndicates are lining up buy-to-let loans on Scottish hospitals? That's cute. That's really adorable. It's just nuts though too, and there’s the rub.

So if nationalists have serious concerns about public procurement legislation, and wish to take the risk of local cronyism, underqualified small companies with no cash flow buffers, and a loss of protection of Scottish providers to English NHS trusts please propose what laws you would seek to change.

MSPs like Ross Greer need to grow up. We will soon be faced with such decisions for real. If all they have for us is Ross and those like him and their understanding of the NHS then we are in real trouble.

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