The Mummy Diaries: Two babies - Week 3

The Mummy Diaries: Two babies - Week 3

by Emma Hargan
article from Monday 9, July, 2018

THE REALITY of having two babies is now starting to sink in! Jamie is now starting to realise that baby Lily is here to stay. This means that whenever his Daddy or I lift or feed Lily, there is a screaming match and a fight for some attention. This of course comes just in time before Jamie and Lily’s Granny is leaving to go home next week – OMG!

For the last three weeks, my nerves have been on edge with my usual Mummy worries. These include, remembering to eat before 1.00pm and trying to shower on a daily basis. This is because my Mum is here and I still have time to look after myself.  Now I’m panicking thinking how the hell can I manage two babies on my own after next week?! 

I’m completely outnumbered. What happens if they both start crying at the same time? What do I do if I need to go to the toilet, as I can’t leave both of them alone together? What if Lily needs her bottle at the same time Jamie gets his lunch? What happens if I’m changing Lily and Jamie decides to do a Superman off the coffee table? 

I’ll be making sure Jamie doesn’t jump on top of Lily, or pulling her crib over, remembering to feed Lily every three hours and remembering to lock the front door so Jamie doesn’t try to make a run for it. I’ll be lucky if I get out of my PJ’s at all, never mind get the housework done and make dinner and all the other jobs that need to be seen to. Overwhelming times ahead. So, it doesn’t help when I voice all of this to my hubby James and his response is, ‘How hard can it be to look after two kids, it’s easy enough.’

What the…! And breathe…

Okay, so the simple solution to this was to test James’ theory. On Saturday, Mum, Jamie and I decided that we would take a bit of time out and head to the shops for some retail therapy – and get my nails done as a wee treat. This would mean leaving James to look after Lily and sort the house while we were out. ‘No problem!’ says James. 

It took the usual hour-long effort to get out of the door on Saturday morning. Sorting out the nappy bag, remembering to put the pushchair and bags in the car, getting Jamie changed for the third time that morning and of course, last cuddles with Lily as this was the first time I was leaving her since she had been born. I had everything laid out to hand for James before we left, like a spare vest and babygrow and nappies etc. ‘Just go and don’t be worrying’ James says, ‘it’s a piece of cake!’

We headed off to the shops and I was really looking forward to just getting out of the house for a while and doing something other than changing nappies and making bottles. Mum dropped me off at the nail salon and said she would be back in an hour or so with Jamie. Bliss! The hour flew in and my nails looked class. Mum and Jamie came back after hitting the Next sale, ladened with bags of clothes for Jamie. Jamie was looking particularly cute today as he was wearing his new hat that Mum had bought him and everyone we passed, commented on it. 

Of course Jamie was lapping up all the attention! He actually did pretty well going round the shops, and only started getting fed up and going into meltdown after the fourth or fifth shop. When he started screaming, it was definitely time to leave so I took Jamie in the pushchair outside while Mum finished shopping. I thought I better ring James and see how he and Lily were getting on. James answered pretty much straight away and explained him and Lily were great and to take my time and enjoy the shops. Result! Although, I then started thinking, okay maybe I’m panicking over nothing and James is right. How hard can it be to look after two kids by yourself? Mum appeared out of the shop with a bag of popcorn for Jamie. ‘This will keep him busy while we finish our shopping’. Great stuff!

We spent another hour at the retail therapy and decided we would have lunch before heading home. If you have read my blogs before, you will know that Jamie loves his food. Already that morning, he had devoured a bowl of Cheerios, half a banana, a Milky Bar and a bag of popcorn and still had the cheek to be hungry at lunchtime! The young waiter that appeared at our table to take our order, told Jamie that he loved his hat and thought it was really cool. Mistake! Jamie was now about to torture this poor guy! The poor lad couldn’t walk past our table without Jamie reaching out to grab him! He must have been relieved when we were finished and left the restaurant.

We made our way to the car and loaded all the bags and Jamie in. It was only 2.00pm but I had felt like I had done a marathon as it was the most exercise I had had since having the section, so I was looking forward to getting home, seeing James and Lily and putting my feet up. Or so I thought…

I got through the front door to find all the toys that Jamie had scattered over the floor before we left, still sitting there. Lily was in her bouncer chair, sleeping. She was in a different babygrow from when I left. James was in the kitchen frantically trying to clean bottles, looking flustered. “Hi!” I said, “We’ve had a great time shopping, Jamie was brilliant and we got a pile of stuff. How’s things here?”

James turned and replied, “what a nightmare! I started to feed Lily after you phoned and she threw up everywhere. I put her down on the mat to change her and she had the biggest baby poo explosion which went all over her clothes and I went through two nappies!” 

“She wouldn’t settle then as I couldn’t get any wind out of her, so I’ve spent the morning pacing up and down the kitchen trying to calm her down!”

I turned to Mum and we both smiled. “That’s my girl Lily!” Mum said.

“Oh it’s a piece of cake looking after one kid, two will be a doddle!’

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